• Cultural Competency for Students: Living and Studying in the UK

    This course will introduce you to key features of UK culture.

  • Cultural Competence for Staff

    Designed for staff working in HE, seeking guidance and support interacting with international students.

  • Mental Health Awareness

    This course on Mental Health in the Workplace is a practical resource for people who may be considering therapy, but…

  • Diversity Video Range: Age

    Our Age E-Learning Course is taken from our wider Diversity Video Range, which is a suite of video e-learning courses…

  • Diversity Video Range: Families

    Our Families E-Learning Course is taken from our wider Diversity Video Range, which is a suite of video e-learning courses…

  • Diversity Video Range: LGBTQ+

    Our LGBTQ+ E-Learning Course is taken from our wider Diversity Video Range, which is a suite of video e-learning courses…

  • Visual Impairment Awareness E-Learning

    This course has been designed by award winning Dan Williams, founder of Visualise, who has lived and professional experience of…

  • Diversity and Inclusion 2022 Video Range

    The future of e-learning is microlearning - it is quick, concise and flexible, and this new video range is perfect…

  • Student Mental Health

    Students of all ages deal with different issues whilst at university – for some, it is the first time they…

  • Climate Change E-Learning Course

    Our new Climate Change E-Learning course is a great tool to educate about the reality of climate change, how it…

  • Insiders and Outsiders – how our micro-behaviours affect the workplace

    Micro-behaviours are those tiny gestures, that almost imperceptible tone of voice, the glance or body language, those ‘throw-away’ comments -…

  • Unconscious Bias Training

    Marshalls Unconscious Bias e-learning Course will help your employees to understand the implications of the natural biases we all hold.

  • Managing Positive Mental Health at Work

    This Mental Health Elearning Course is designed to help managers identify and correct the early indicators and causes of mental…

  • Diversity in the Workplace

    Market Leading, Diversity Training and Elearning Course. Equality Act 2010 Compliant, for Universities, Businesses and Third Sector Organisations.

  • Let's Talk About Race In The Workplace

    This Equality and Diversity Elearning Course takes learners on a constructively challenging exploration of systemic racism in organisations

  • Menopause Training

    This course on Menopause will help to provide managers and employers with the knowledge they need to offer those going…

  • Neurodiversity at Work

    In this course we look at the basics of neurodiversity for managers and staff, so that you will be better…

  • Environmental Sustainability

    Our Environmental Sustainability Elearning Course will help to raise understanding of eco-issues across your workforce and improve performance in key…

  • Let's Talk About Race In The Workplace - US Version

    This Equality and Diversity eLearning Course takes learners on a constructively challenging exploration of systemic racism in organisations.

  • Mentoring and Mentorship

    In partnership with Professor Bob Garvey, one of Europe’s leading academic practitioners of coaching and mentoring, Marshall’s has developed a…

  • Mental Health Fatigue

    This unique video-led course blends animated scenarios with video insights raising awareness of mental health issues in the workplace.

  • Hybrid Working

    This Hybrid Working course is essential for any business that wants to bridge the gap that comes when both working…

  • Manager’s Lockdown Toolkit - Future Ways of Working

    Developed during lockdown, this Managers Toolkit Elearning Course has been updated with a new 2021 return to work section

  • Microaggressions

    This Equality and Diversity Elearning Course will help learners to recognise different types of microaggressions and reflect on the impact…

  • Return to Work Elearning

    Return to Work Elearning Course provides key advice, precautions and staffing strategies you need to create a safe working environment…

  • Diversity Training for Students

    Our Diversity Elearning Course was developed with St Andrews University & Manchester University and is a module in our online…

  • Wellbeing for all when managing virtual teams

    Wellbeing Elearning Course for all when managing virtual teams. You and each of your team members have different wellbeing needs.

  • Leading in Uncertain Times

    In this Leadership Elearning Course we introduce a COVID-19 unit, providing a model that all individuals and managers can refer…

  • Working from Home

    Management Elearning Course will develop your knowledge of working from home, providing the ability to continue working outside the traditional…

  • Managing Remote Teams

    This Managers Elearning Course was developed to provide managers or team leaders with the knowledge of how to effectively manage…

  • Reporting a Racial Incident

    Reporting a Racial Incident is part of an extensive range of Equality and Diversity Elearning Courses by diversity experts Marshall…

  • Anonymous Reporting - Disclosure Tool

    Our new Anonymous Reporting Elearning Course has been developed to support our Sexual Disclosure and Sexual Consent on Campus courses.

  • Mental Health at Work and Looking after Yourself

    This Mental Health Elearning Course places a strong focus on the individual in the workplace and how they can protect…

  • Mental Health - Supporting Others

    This new Mental Health Elearning Course focuses on the importance of Mental Health in the workplace, supporting others with Mental…

  • Client Assets

    This Elearning Course helps in the Safeguarding of Client Assets and forms a cornerstone of trust in the financial industry.

  • Vulnerable Customers

    Customer Service Elearning Course. Regulation on vulnerable customers states while all customers should be treated fairly, not all customers are…

  • Treating Customers Fairly

    Customer Service Elearning Course. FCA: “all firms must be able to show consistently that fair treatment of customers is at…

  • Conflicts of Interest

    This Conflicts of Interest Elearning Course covers different types of conflicts and the potential consequences if conflicts are overlooked.

  • Whistleblowing

    Disclosure Elearning Course. Since the financial crisis whistleblowing has become front-page news on topics such as data security.

  • Research Excellence Framework - REF 2021

    The Equality and Diversity Elearning Course helps to explain research outputs in relation to staff circumstances and explore this REF…

  • Becoming an Inclusive Organisation by Dan Robertson

    This inclusive training course acts as the next stage after our introductory course on unconscious bias.

  • Student Personal Security

    Wellbeing Elearning Course supports students to stay safe on and off campus and includes signposting to on-campus tools and services.

  • Managers Toolkit - PRISM Blended Learning

    Managers Toolkit Elearning Course has been developed to provide a handy tool for new managers or experienced managers wishing to…

  • Giving Good Feedback

    Giving Good Feedback Elearning Course delves into what makes feedback effective and the unconscious biases that may occur when giving…

  • Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence

    This Disclosure Elearning Course, developed with Brunel University London, ensures that disclosures of sexual violence are tackled sensitively.

  • Unconscious Bias for Students - North American Version

    Unconscious Bias Elearning Course - North American version, we explore what unconscious bias is, and look at forms of unconscious…

  • Disability Awareness

    This Equality and Diversity Elearning Course provides a concise understanding of Disability Awareness for managers and staff.

  • Inclusive Recruitment

    Our Inclusive Recruitment Elearning Course, developed with ENEI, will support your organisation to take the first step in creating an…

  • Identifying & Responding to Student Mental Health

    Developed with University of Manchester, this Student Mental Health Elearning Course is part of a suite of Elearning Courses supporting…

  • Student Disclosure of Unwanted Sexual Incidents

    Sexual Harassment Elearning Course. The only online disclosure elearning course developed in partnership with Rape Crisis.

  • Information Security Smart GDPR

    Our Information Security Elearning Course course includes 3 modules on GDPR, Information Security & Being Safe Online.

  • Managing Performance with Connected Conversations

    Managing Performance Elearning Course connected conversations between managers and employees can support career development and performance at work.

  • Health and Safety

    This Health and Safety Elearning Course provides three core units: an Introduction to Health & Safety, Risk Management, and Fire…

  • GDPR Training Course

    This GDPR Elearning Course has been designed to support UK organisations to comply with the EU regulations that replaced the…

  • Coaching and Performance Management

    Many say the annual appraisal is dead. In this Coaching and Performance Management Elearning Course we explore how to move…

  • Inclusive Leadership

    Our 10-minute video Inclusive Leadership Elearning Course with Dan Robertson defines 'inclusive leadership' and the potential challenges and benefits.

  • Unconscious Bias – US Version

    We've adapted our popular Unconscious Bias e-learning course, Breaking Habits to enable organizations in the United States to challenge their…

  • Safeguarding in Higher Education

    HE Safeguarding Elearning Course is about protecting students in the broadest sense of the term, not just about protecting and…

  • Safeguarding in Further Education

    Safeguarding Elearning Course is about protecting students in the broadest sense, it is not just about protecting and detecting abuse…

  • Diversity in the Workplace US version

    The market leader in Diversity Elearning Course is adapted for US. Diversity in the Workplace is Marshall E-Learning's original elearning…

  • Sexual Harassment - US Version

    Sexual Harassment Elearning Course will support organizations to provide a safe working environment where all staff are treated with dignity…

  • Diversity Training for Students - US Version

    This Diversity Elearning Course for Students course is tailored to meet the mental, physical and emotional needs of students. Adapted…

  • Student Mental Health - US version

    Mental Health Elearning Course focuses on helping academics & staff members to identify at-risk students and respond to Mental Health…

  • Student Disclosure - US Version

    Sexual Harassment Elearning Course. The only online disclosure module developed in partnership with Rape Crisis in the UK. adapted for…

  • Video e-learning: a diversity top-up

    Equality and Diversity Elearning Course. Its 90% film-driven and contains a suite of engaging, amusing and thought-provoking video scenarios.

  • Anti-Fraud Awareness

    Our Anti-Fraud Awareness Elearning course will help to raise awareness of fraudulent activity in the higher education and financial services.

  • Anti-Money Laundering

    Anti Money Laundering Elearning Course is developed with Lloyds of London to improve awareness of money laundering and the risks…

  • Diversity in the Workplace - Higher Education

    This updated Diversity in the Workplace Elearning Course, includes brand new animations and videos illustrating the relevance of diversity awareness.

  • Bribery Act 2010 – Updated

    Our Bribery Act e-learning training course emerged from a close collaboration with international legal practice SNR Denton.

  • Recruitment in Higher Education

    Recruitment and Selection Elearning Course. Getting the right kind of employees, with the right skills is an essential requirement for…

  • Inclusive, Safe, Cohesive Campuses

    Our Inclusive Elearning Course provides an excellent introduction or refresher for dealing with extremism and radicalisation in education.

  • Elearning Gateways

    A blended Elearning Course approach brings learners together to discuss a topic before or after completing their training. Adds a…

  • Safeguarding

    Our Safeguarding Elearning Course in collaboration with Barnardo’s. We have an extensive suite of Safeguarding Elearning Courses.

  • Health and Safety for Students

    This Health and Safety Elearning Course for Students tutorial covers core health and safety issues, carefully written with a student…

  • Inclusive Managers Toolkit

    Inclusive Managers Toolkit Elearning Course will help you build an inclusive culture and ensure your managers are equipped to thrive…

  • Safeguarding Adults at Risk

    Safeguarding Elearning Course work enables adults to retain independence, wellbeing, and the choice to live a life free from abuse…

  • Unconscious Bias for Students

    Developed with the University of Edinburgh this Unconscious Bias Elearning Course was designed to enable their 37,000 students to be…

  • Women Into Leadership

    Leadership Elearning Course. With a focus on self-awareness, resilience and values this women in leadership and management elearning course is…

  • Bystander Intervention

    This bystander intervention training course provides students with the appropriate knowledge to steer clear from a range of abuse on…

  • Adaptive Selling

    Adaptive Selling Elearning Course helps those new to sales to be comfortable with selling, winning new clients and securing business…

  • Sexual Harassment

    This Sexual Harassment eLearning course will support organisations to provide a safe working environment where all staff are treated with…

  • Online Student Induction Programme

    An Online Induction Elearning Course with Surrey University covers a suite of student-facing topics including Mental Health, Diversity and Equality.

  • Student Consumer Rights for Staff Members

    Consumer Rights Elearning Course. Students are now recognised in law as consumers, and get the same protection as any consumer.

  • Modern Slavery Act

    This Modern Slavery Act Elearning Course enhances awareness human trafficking and was developed with Liverpool John Moores University.

  • Sexual Consent on Campus

    This Sexual Harassment eLearning Course is one of 4 modules from our Student Welfare Suite and is tailored to meet…

  • Alcohol and Drug Awareness

    This Alcohol and Drug Awareness Elearning course was developed with Brunei University and is part of our Online Student Induction.

  • Social Media Savvy

    Information Security Elearning Course, developed with Canterbury Christchurch University this course is one of 4 Online Induction Elearning Courses.

  • Recruitment and Selection Update

    Recruitment and Selection Elearning Course provides a more comprehensive understanding of recruitment and selection in the higher education sector.

  • PABLO - Performance Appraisal Tool

    Our new Managing Performance Elearning Course – PABLO – jointly developed with Edinburgh Zoo, is about much more than appraisal.

  • Information Security

    This 20-minute resource on Information Security Elearning Course will explain the risks around information security and how to act responsibly…

  • Display Screen Equipment

    Stay safe at your screen with our Display Screen Equipment Elearning Course and comply with Health and Safety (Display Screen…

  • Child Protection

    Our innovative Child Protection e-learning course has been designed for the education but can be tailored to any workplace, utilising…

  • Academic Range

    Our Academic elearning course was commissioned by Liverpool University to ensure students are aware of cheating, plagiarism, collusion and the penalties.

  • Managing Performance

    Our Managing Performance Elearning Course, developed with Cardiff Metropolitan University and the University of East Anglia. Effectively manage performance.

  • Tutor Led Supplement Diversity

    Equality and Diversity Elearning Course. This tutor-led supplement to our Equality and Diversity in the Workplace Eleaning Course.

  • Stress Management

    Health and Safety Elearning Course. Take positive action now to manage the pressures and stresses of the current difficult climate.

  • Safe Recruitment

    Safeguarding Elearning Course makes recruitment as safe as possible. But even if properly applied, no safe recruitment policies can provide…

  • Risk Management

    Risk Management Elearning Course. Businesses that minimise risk are able to run more efficiently and have more productive employees.

  • Online Induction (University of Hull)

    This Online Induction Elearning Course with The University of Hull as a welcome and orientation tool for their new staff.

  • Managers Toolkit

    Our Managers Toolkit Elearning Course has been developed to provide a handy tool for new or experienced managers wishing to…

  • E-Safety for Students

    As technology becomes an essential part of our daily lives and a vital tool in education, it is increasingly important…

  • Equality and Diversity Training for Students

    Our Equality and Diversity Elearning Course will help to raise awareness of equality and diversity issues on campus for students.

  • Equality and Diversity App

    Compliments our Diversity in the Workplace Elearning Course. Equality and Diversity App is the perfect elearning solution for your time-conscious…

  • Equality Analysis Toolkit

    Our Equality Analysis Toolkit Elearning Course helps you implement, coordinate and evidence equality analysis across your organisation.

  • Employability for Students

    Our Employability for Students Elearning Course was developed with talent managament experts 10Eighty with the tough job marketplace in mind.

  • Customer Service Course

    Our Equality and Diversity Elearning Course examines the key skills required to deliver good Customer Service. Delivered by Diversity Learning…

  • Cultural Awareness

    Cultural Awareness Elearning Course provides an introduction for international students to life in the UK by raising awareness of Equality…

  • Conflict Management

    Conflict is part of life …and work. We all have different opinions on different issues and want to express these…

  • Bullying and Harassment

    This equality and diversity online e-learning training course looks at why Bullying and Harassment is increasingly serious workplace issue.

  • Child Protection Barnardos Be Smart, Be Safe

    This Child Protection Elearning Course is developed with Barnardos. Raising awareness about the important and highly sensitive issue of Sexual…

  • Diversity in Learning and Teaching

    Diversity in Learning & Teaching Elearning Course. This best practice course has been designed for all education professionals in higher…

  • Diversity in the Workplace, Australia

    Our latest Diversity Elearning Course Diversity in the Workplace Australia is a unique course for a uniquely diverse country.

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