Diversity & Inclusion

We have made a substantial investment in video resources for global organisations in 2022.


Our courses include courageous conversations, inclusive recruitment and mentoring.


Our courses include vulnerable customers, treating customers fairly and GDPR 2022.

Health & Wellbeing

Our courses include mental health at work, menopause and health and safety induction.

Diversity & Inclusion



Health & Wellbeing

Our Experience and Track Record

Marshall E-Learning is the leading provider of diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias online training and courses. A London based e-learning business serving clients globally for over 20 years.
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Globally Recognised Clients

Our e-learning courses are used by some of the most recognisable brands from across the world, raising awareness, developing skills and prompting action on key topics from diversity, inclusion and racism to climate change, menopause and modern slavery.


Our new, dedicated e-learning subscription service offers a wealth of knowledge to the corporate, higher education and public sectors. A single subscription provides you access to more than 30 courses, with new courses being added all the time.

Corporate Sector Subscription Offer
Corporate Subscription Offer is a suite of e-learning courses that you can provide to your colleagues for a single annual subscription.
Public Sector Subscription Offer
Public Sector Subscription Offer is a suite of e-learning courses that you can provide to your colleagues for a single annual subscription.
Higher Education Subscription Offer
Higher Education Subscription Offer is a suite of e-learning courses that you can provide to your colleagues for a single annual subscription.

Explore Our Courses

Our library of over 50 courses, can be taken individually and tailored for your organisation. They can also be taken as a subscription service for one affordable annual fee. New courses added all the time, including menopause in the workplace and neurodiversity.


We believe that bringing people together helps reinforce and enhance learning. Our consultancy service offers a truly blended and seamless learning experience with face-to-face training sessions linked directly to our e-learning courses.


Diversity and Inclusion training and consultancy

Ann Allcock, Head of Diversity on our products, services & solutions

Building on its successes Marshall E-learning also offers a range of consultancy and training services. Our consultants bring their insight and extensive knowledge to meet the specific needs of your organisation. We have an excellent track record in supporting organisations to analyse issues, formulate strategy and provide solutions to learning and development needs.

LMS Systems

ALFE (Accessible Learning for Everyone) the new accessible LMS platform from Marshalls, provides a refreshingly streamlined environment to create accessible e-learning content. ALFE has been built with accessibility requirements in mind.

Bespoke Offer

Our business is built around customising our courses to match your specific needs. Our expert team will create a fully bespoke e-learning solution for you, ensuring the subject matter, tone and branding combine to create effective and engaging learning.


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#Workplace culture attracts talent more than salary or flexible working, a study by @Workbuzz has found. Almost half (45%) of UK employees & business leaders rank a great culture as the most important factor when looking for a new job. #ThursdayThoughts

Find out how we can help organisations like yours transform their workplaces in #2023. You too can create an #inclusive culture that drives engagement & innovation. Learn more by watching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQjJXe6R5fA #diversityandinclusion #elearning


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