Mentoring and Mentorship Training

A 'one-stop' mentoring portal
A 'one-stop' mentoring portal

Provides a solid foundation for embarking on a mentoring programme.


A ‘one-stop’ mentoring portal designed to give mentors and mentees a solid foundation for embarking on a mentoring programme. 

In partnership with Professor Bob Garvey, one of Europe’s leading academic practitioners of coaching and mentoring, Marshall’s has developed a ‘one-stop’ mentoring portal designed to give mentors and mentees a solid foundation for embarking on a mentoring programme.

This course is designed for a range of different audiences, i.e. mentors/mentees looking for more in-depth training in the subject, those looking to create a mentorship scheme, or those merely curious about the process. Whichever it is, you’ll find this portal has something for you.

Professor Garvey’s expert content will guide you through a range of mentoring topics which you can explore in as much or as little depth as you want.

Each topic can be accessed at any time and in any order and is accompanied by a video lecture located in the Resources section, alongside further material on any of the topics in this module.

Learners undertaking this course will be able to:

  • Establish one’s own learning outcomes as appropriate for the purpose and context of mentoring
  • Know and understand the historical development of mentoring
  • Know and understand the critical importance of building rapport and establishing ground rules
  • Demonstrate the use of a process framework in mentoring
  • Demonstrate key skills of listening and questioning in mentoring
  • Make informed critical and ethical judgements about the theory and practice of mentoring
  • Reflect on and evaluate factors which have an impact on the achievement of the aims and desired outcomes of mentoring within an organisational context
  • Seek, evaluate and use feedback and take responsibility for own learning processes


This course is split into 8 parts:

Part 1

What is a mentor?

Part 2

Historical development of mentoring

Part 3

Key skills for designing an effective mentoring relationship (for mentors)

Part 4

Scheme design (for learning and development professionals and mentors)

Part 5

The mentoring session

Part 6


Part 7

Reverse Mentoring

Part 8

Video lecturing


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