FREE Empathy and Kindness at Work eLearning

Access our FREE Empathy and Kindness at Work eLearning module. This module is designed to inform learners of the value of empathy and kindness within the workplace environment. This 15…

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Client Community Meeting with Dr Maggie Semple OBE and Jane Oremosu

In December 2023, Marshalls hosted a client community meeting with Dr Maggie Semple OBE and Jane Oremosu to discuss their book 'My Little Black Book: A Blacktionary' and the broader…

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Menopause in the Workplace Survey Infographic final

In spring 2021 Marshalls conducted a survey on Menopause in the Workplace - Let's Talk about Menopause in the Workplace


Marshall - Microlearning whitepaper updated V2

A Guide to Microlearning for D&I learning development. Explore how microlearning can support and help you deliver your D&I objectives.


My Trusted Network

This activity explores the diversity of our closest colleagues and contacts. It can be done individually or in a group.


Privilege for Sale

What is privilege, and what does it mean to have it, or not to have it? This activity explores privilege from the perspective of race. It is based on the…


List of privileges

List includes: I can go on social media or turn on the TV and see people of my race widely represented in a positive light.


My Gender Bias Triggers

This individual activity explores and helps uncover factors that may have affected beliefs, attitudes or values and which potentially create stereotypes, biases or prejudices.


My Gender Bias Triggers reflective questions

Marshall’s Follow-On Diversity Learning - My Gender Bias Triggers – reflective questions - including: Thinking about my childhood, how was I expected to behave because of my gender? Was I…


Creating a Gender Equal Organisation

What would an organisation look like where gender equality is the norm? How could this be designed, or what would need to change to achieve this? This activity allows you…

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