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In our post-covid age where remote working is part of the new normal, online inductions have emerged as a transformative approach to onboarding new employees. Offering a myriad of advantages for both organisations and individuals, these streamlined provide a dynamic and accessible introduction to your organisation’s culture, history, values, policies, and procedures.

One of the foremost benefits of online inductions is that learners can embark on their onboarding journey from virtually anywhere, eliminating geographical constraints. Moreover, this approach is remarkably cost-effective, significantly reducing expenses associated with traditional in-person inductions, such as printed materials and venue rentals.

Bringing your induction online will also ensure that all learners receive standardised information and training, fostering uniformity in the onboarding process and allowing learners to refer back to this resource whenever they need to revisit some of the information.

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Marshall’s have been commissioned to produce Online Inductions across multiple sectors and have included clients such as:

  • Borders College – a resource for staff and students
  • University of Surrey – a student induction for all new students

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