Conflict Management

Resolving issues and disagreements in the workplace
Conflict is part of life …and work. We all have different opinions on different issues and want to express these opinions, some more vocally than others.


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By minimising conflict and speedily resolving disputes you can achieve greater efficiency and harmony in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, learners should understand the following:

  • Positive approaches towards problem clients
  • Assessing and avoiding risks
  • Defusing conflicts
  • Effective handling of aggressive clients

Course duration: 30 minutes
Learners have the option to bookmark progress and complete the course in chunks.

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At Marshalls were totally focused on creating content thats exactly right for your learners. Thats why weve built our business around customising our existing courses to match the needs of specific organisations. And if something completely originals required, well make a bespoke course for you from scratch.

When we do this, our approach is guided by a few key principles.

Organisational Need
Why do you need to provide learning for your users – specifically? Is there a compliance need, a requirement to raise performance – or generate positive outcomes for external stakeholders? We prioritise making this clear as the first step in all of our projects.

Learner Centric
Who are your learners? What are their preferred learning styles? What do they know already? How confident are they with using technology? Well put these questions to you, and base our approach around the picture we build up.

Learning Outcomes
We use these to decide what every screen in every course we make is intended to achieve. What is it – exactly – that learners need to explain, describe, distinguish or list? Defining these up-front keeps every project on course as we move from initial proposal, through to storyboarding and then development.

Page-turning e-learning just doesnt work. All of our courses are highly interactive, making extensive use of scenarios in particular. Rich media is used as appropriate, from audio-visual resources through to animations and bespoke graphics.

Respect for Learners
Treating learners as adults is vital to us. People dont learn well if they feel theyre being patronised, and we aim to let users manage their own learning experience. We do this by writing our courses with an honest, direct tone, and giving learners choices in the form of additional learning resources and open navigational features.

Whats in it for me? is a question that all of our learners should be able to answer.

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Material is accurate and easy-to-use…that we can identify delegate activity is a real bonus “We chose to work with Marshall E-Learning as we have worked with them on a previous project. The level of service and assistance we received before, during and after product launch was excellent. The material itself is accurate and easy to use. Being able to identify delegate activity is a real bonus and allows us to produce up to date, robust MI reports. For us the most important issue is to be “on-side” with our regulators and the installation of the Marshall E-Learning Anti-Money Laundering e-Learning module has allowed us to do that.
Marcus Jenkins Learning & Development Manager Whittington Ltd.
Marshall E-Learning produces all our student online induction packages. When we heard it was moving into employability courses we naturally wanted to be the first further education college to sponsor the project.” “Employability skills are at the core of everything the college offers and a highly interactive resource with vital input from industry is a fantastic new resource to complement our existing state of the art career guidance facilities. The great thing about e-learning is we can ensure every student accesses the content and not just the ones that walk through the door of the career centre.
Jo Laybourn Head of Careers, Admissions and Guidance Guildford College (September 2012)

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