The Learning Management System (LMS) is the backbone of any eLearning environment providing the framework to deliver effective training with the minimum of fuss. By automating and centralising the tasks associated with delivering training – hosting courses; managing user registrations; managing communication; tracking learning progression – the LMS significantly influences the success of your training programme and it is vital to choose the best system for your needs.

Introducing Marshall LMS

Each organisation is unique with specific requirements for an LMS. However, whatever the precise specifications, there are a set of key criteria to consider when choosing the right system:

  • An LMS should be very powerful with a thorough feature list
  • It should be intuitive, easy to navigate with no confusing jargon
  • The system needs to be supported by an excellent customer service team

Marshall LMS has been developed in collaboration with our clients to meet their precise operational needs. It has the power and a range of features that make it one of the most effective systems on the market and is now the LMS of choice for more and more of our customers.

To see the system in more detail, please contact us and we will organise a webinar so that you can experience it first hand.

Key features of Marshall LMS

  • SCORM Compatible – courses can be uploaded in SCORM and xAPI format, allowing you to utilise tools that you already have in-house
  • Create Courses – Marshall LMS has its own inbuilt authorware tool enabling courses to be created quickly and easily
  • Single Sign-On – This can be achieved quickly and easily with the support of Marshall E-Learning. Alongside a full API, you can further integrate with your own existing HR systems
  • Certificates – Create your own certificates with name and topic fields that populate automatically when a learner completes a course
  • Gamification – Create further engagement with the use of leaderboards and badges
  • Social Learning – Knowledge forums and resource areas can encourage learners to come together while they learn
  • eCommerce – Create your own store, allowing you to market and sell courses through the LMS
  • Reporting – The system is packed with different reporting options, allowing you to view the right data when it is needed
  • Integrations – Inbuilt integrations with Salesforce, Zoom, Zapler and GoToMeeting, to name a few
  • Customer support – Access to a dedicated customer support team

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