UK GDPR Training Course

Organisation Data Increasingly Valuable
Organisation Data Increasingly Valuable

UK GDPR legislation sets standards on data protection.

Organisation Data Increasingly Valuable
Organisation Data Increasingly Valuable

UK GDPR legislation sets the standards on data protection.


UK GDPR Training

The Data Protection Act 2018 repeals the Data Protection Act 1998 and enshrines GDPR into UK law post-Brexit. UK GDPR has two main objectives:

  • Protection of fundamental rights and freedoms of individual persons with regard to processing of personal data
  • Protection of the principle of free movement of personal data within the EU

By the end of this UK GDPR Training learners will be able to:

  • Describe the UK GDPR’s key data protection principles
  • Understand the key concepts introduced by the UK GDPR
  • Define important terms used in UK GDPR

This Data Protection course has four sections:

  • Introduction to Data Protection
  • Compliance 
  • Rights and Enforcement

Course duration – this course should take around 40 minutes to complete. Learners can bookmark their progress before exiting the course, and resume from that point.

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This course is split into 4 parts:

Part 1

Introduction to Data Protection – a look at personal data; case studies outlining the consequences of data security breaches; an exploration of the Information Commissioners Office survey and the monetary consequences of a DPA breach.

Part 2

Overview of GDPR – a top-down view of the facets of GDPR including: how GDPR objectives will be integrated into UK law post-Brexit; data protection principles; and key changes to GDPR compared to previous legislation

Part 3

Compliance – includes individual compliance regulations, organisational responsibilities and best practice in relation to GDPR compliance

Part 4

Rights and Enforcement – looks at the rights of those whose data is collected, and the means by which the GDPR regulations are enforced.


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