Leading in uncertain times

Crucial leadership attributes

In the current climate, not every decision we make is binary. Nuanced decision making and how to communicate those decisions is a genuine challenge for leaders.

We need to use our emotional intelligence while we work in an ever-changing time-pressured environment.


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We introduce COVID-19 in this unit to help individuals, whatever their role, to have a model that they can refer to in times of uncertainty.

How we manage people when we are in an unstable position is a huge test, and this module supports learners on that journey by introducing the VUCA model. The course also explores how managers can use the VUCA model to tailor their responses to change.


This module also delves into crucial leadership attributes required to ensure teams are professionally managed in uncertain times, as well as the responsibilities of managers, such as the importance of refraining from micromanagement.

Throughout the module, different ideas and tips are presented to managers about leading, their responsibilities, as well as creating psychological safety for teams. This course acts as a comprehensive guide to maintaining strong leadership throughout uncertain or changing times.

This module is also part of our Lockdown Toolkit which combines several courses in a single training package on remote working.


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