Healthy Working

Learn about the importance of a work-life balance
Learn about the importance of a work-life balance
Accessible training for office-based and remote workers
Accessible training for office-based and remote workers


Discover the importance of healthy working and a work-life balance

Healthy Working is about taking proactive steps to ensure that you achieve a healthy work-life balance that benefits both your body, and your mind. For many, work can encompass our lives, but it’s important to instill positive habits outside of work to benefit your health.

Our training empowers learners to prioritise healthy working and prevent themselves becoming stressed and experiencing burnout. We also offer guidance for employers on how they can promote a healthy workplace.

This Healthy Working training course explores the following areas:

  • What is healthy working?
  • Healthy working in an office environment
  • Healthy working when working from home
  • Maximising regular breaks
  • Managing workplace stress and burnout
  • Creating a healthy workplace

Why choose Marshalls?

For over two decades, Marshall E-Learning has been a provider of industry-leading diversity and inclusion training.

We are firm believers in the value of prioritising your mental health and wish to empower organisations to implement workplace practices to promote healthy working.

Our Healthy Working training course will empower learners to prioritise maintaining a healthy work-life balance, enabling them to work more productively whilst looking after their mental and physical health and wellbeing.

FAQs about Healthy Working Training

How long is this course?

This training takes 30 minutes to complete. Learners do have the opportunity to bookmark their progress and return to the course.

Who is this course for?

This training is relevant for employers and employees across any and all professional sectors. Healthy Working training is important for everyone, as no one should be working in such a way that negatively impacts their mental and physical health. Managers and leadership teams will equally benefit from this training as it informs you how to promote and cultivate a workplace that prioritises a healthy working approach.

Can this course be customised?

Yes. This training course is customisable to suit the specific needs and preferences of any organisation. Our in-house design team can creatively tailor this training to feature your organisation’s photography, branding and unique policies and procedures relating to this topic.

Is this course accessible?

Yes. Every Marshall E-Learning course is fully accessible. This Healthy Working training features written transcripts and there is also a WCAG version of this course available.

Does the content of this course expire?

No. All of our training courses are regularly monitored and updated with new information if relevant.


This course is split into 6 parts:

What is healthy working?
Healthy working in an office environment
Healthy working when working from home
Maximising regular breaks
Managing workplace stress and burnout
Creating a healthy workplace


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