British universities must play their part in preventing racist attacks

British universities must play their part in preventing racist attacks

28th March 2017

Since the UK’s EU referendum vote in 2016, the number of hate crimes has risen dramatically, including attacks based on disability, racial, religious and homophobic motives. The number of victims of religious and racist hate crime alone has risen almost 20 per cent in the last year, and the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)…

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Unconscious Bias and Higher Education

Unconscious Bias and Higher Education: How training staff creates more open, inclusive and effective organisations

22nd March 2017

Unconscious gender and racial biases still pervade academia and unconscious bias remains a big challenge in the higher education sector. As far back as 2004, it’s been an issue. Professor Steven Schwartz stated in his landmark report Fair Admissions to Higher Education: “a fair admissions system is one that provides equal opportunity for all individuals,…

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Unconscious Bias training increases equality and diversity conversation at Brunel University

Unconscious Bias training increases equality and diversity conversation at Brunel University

21st March 2017

Brunel University is one of the world’s top 50 international universities (Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016), and their vibrant campus is a reflection of an international student body from 110 countries around the world. Given this diverse environment, it is important to Brunel to work with their staff and deliver training courses on…

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Training students on equality and diversity to get fit for the global workplace

Training students on equality and diversity to get fit for the global workplace

15th March 2017

Training students about equality, diversity and inclusivity may seem to be overkill given how much they already have to absorb and the competitive nature of our modern education system. But the demographics of higher education reflect a diverse population – students arrive at college from a range of academic backgrounds, with unique social, political and…

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Cardiff University

Why universities should not be complacent about equality and diversity training

13th March 2017

With a budget that is stretched to its limits, it can be really easy for the busy administration of a university to be complacent about equality and diversity training. We know diversity is a priority for universities, but they should not limit it to compliance based training.  Developing a sense of inclusion goes beyond not…

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prevent sexual harassment by staff at universities

Taking steps to prevent sexual harassment by staff at universities

8th March 2017

According to a new investigation by the Guardian, sexual harassment, misconduct and gender violence by university staff are at ‘epidemic levels’. It’s important to keep in mind that these incidents aren’t just confined to staff-student relationships – while 169 allegations were against academic and non-academic staff from 2011 to 2016, at least 127 other allegations…

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UK Bribery Act

What is the UK Bribery Act and how can you protect your business?

20th February 2017

What is the UK Bribery Act? The UK Bribery Act 2010, which became law in 2011, means that the UK has some of the strictest policy concerning bribery in the world. The Act means it is illegal for anyone connected to your business to offer, promise, give, request, agree, receive or accept any bribes whatsoever….

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personal tutoring training

How to offer effective and useful personal tutoring to maximise student attainment

16th February 2017

The Personal Tutoring system is part of a vital role in enhancing students’ academic and personal potential. To this day, it still remains as part of a long-standing tradition at most UK universities whereby students can take advantage of a one-to-one session with a nominated tutor. These sessions are intended as an opportunity where students…

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consumer rights in higher education training

New Consumer Protection in Higher Education Course Launches for UK Universities and Colleges

3rd February 2017

A new online course has been released as a response to the need for universities to better serve their students, or face penalties such as students having their course fees fully refunded. Under new UK Government legislation, Higher Education institutions must comply with consumer protection law and meeting the standards defined by the Competition and…

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responsible leadership

Responsible Leadership: How do leaders respond responsibly whilst those around us may be doing otherwise?

30th January 2017

Last week in Davos, some of the world’s most powerful men and women from the fields of politics and business attended the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting. This year the theme of the event was Responsive and Responsible Leadership. WEF Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab defines ‘responsive leadership’ as recognising the increasing frustrations and…

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Dan Robertson, enei

Inclusive Leadership – diversity, unconscious bias and the role of the organisational leader

27th January 2017

Inclusive Leadership and the need for individuals and organisations to develop skills that encourage diversity in the workplace is a hot topic at the moment, so we thought it would be incredibly valuable to interview the leading voice in the UK on this topic. Dan Robertson is Diversity & Inclusion Director at enei and has…

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modern slavery training course

Modern Slavery in the UK: The importance of training staff

24th January 2017

Hitting the headlines this week was the news of the conviction of two brothers who trafficked 18 people from Poland to the UK and conned them into modern slavery. The pair recruited the vulnerable men to work at the Sports Direct warehouse in Shirebrook, Derbyshire, but were caught after one of the victims reported his ordeal to police…

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E-Learning Case Study

Southampton Solent University meets Diversity & Equality challenges with video elearning

20th December 2016

With an industry-leading approach to teaching a diverse student body and working with employees from many different backgrounds, Southampton Solent University is breaking new ground both in its research and its academic approach. Now, Southampton Solent University is the first to use new diversity video training from Marshall E-Learning, which takes into account millennials preferred…

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psed gender pay gap

PSED: Gender Pay Gap Reporting in the Public Sector

6th December 2016

  According to a report by the University and College Union, the average shortfall faced by female academics was £6,103 a year. According to the union’s data, just eight higher education institutions paid women equally or more than men. At 154 institutions, women are paid less. That’s why the UK Government have introduced a review…

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New student disclosure course released to support 1 in 7 student survivors of sexual assault

5th December 2016

Marshall E-Learning have released a new online course as a response to the need for universities to increase awareness of issues surrounding students’ experiences of unwanted sexual incidents. With at least 1 in 7 women students (14%) being the victim of serious sexual assault or serious physical violence while at university or college (Hidden Marks, NUS…

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inclusive leadership guide

Download our new Inclusive Leadership whitepaper

7th November 2016

  Download the Inclusive Leadership whitepaper now. Inclusive Leadership is a key area for all modern businesses. But despite this, many of today’s business leaders continue to view leadership as simply a position within an organisational structure, and by doing so they fail to recognise that leadership in today’s complex, uncertain and sometimes turbulent world leadership…

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How Unconscious Bias e-learning supports successful external accreditation and award applications

How Unconscious Bias e-learning supports successful external accreditation and award applications

25th October 2016

The confirmation of external accreditation is a valuable method of demonstrating an organisation’s commitment to making progress in diversity and inclusion. Marshall is constantly working to provide e-learning that supports our clients needs.  This is particularly the case in providing training that adds value to learning and development of employees and is beneficial when external…

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airbnb while black

#AirbnbWhileBlack: How unconscious bias can impact a business’ bottom line

15th September 2016

Diversity consultant Michael Howard looks at the importance of unconscious bias training in light of an incident that had negative publicity for Airbnb. You might not think that unconscious and conscious bias impact on the bottom line of your business, but recent controversy around Silicon Valley startup Airbnb has shown how businesses everywhere need to address these issues to avoid impacting…

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higher education elearning courses

Universities get ready for new academic year with release of first higher education suite of e-learning courses

6th September 2016

With the increasing demand for student focused courses, Marshall E-Learning, the leading e-learning consultancy for higher education, have designed a suite of courses in partnership with universities, tailored to meet the mental, physical and emotional needs of today’s students. The “Student Welfare Suite” contains courses on: Alcohol and Drug Awareness (developed with Brunel University) Sexual Consent on…

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inclusive leadership user group

Inclusive Leadership User Group and Whitepaper Launch – 19 September 2016

25th August 2016

Marshall E-Learning’s Inclusive Leadership user group is taking place on 19th September 2016 at Woburn House, London. To book your free place on the user group, please contact David Marshall at Following the success of their first Diversity and Inclusion user group with 10 representatives from leading UK universities and companies in the legal and construction…

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inclusive leadership

Inclusive Leadership

22nd August 2016

Update: You can now download our exclusive guide to Inclusive Leadership >> A Competitive Economy In an ever more competitive economy, forward-thinking organisations are doing whatever they can to be more attractive to the best candidates regardless of their personal characteristics. They are also very engaged with increasing their productivity and creativity within their organisations….

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inclusive organisations

Inclusive Organisations: For business success, diversity is only the first step

8th August 2016

A growing number of organisations are putting a spotlight on their efforts for diversity. Major companies like Airbnb are also hiring their very first ‘Director of Diversity or implementing diversity training in an attempt to stand out as progressive and to attract the very best talent. It’s no surprise that companies are making diversity a…

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Video-Based E-Learning Training

Why Video-Based E-Learning Training Is Growing In Popularity

3rd August 2016

Over the last few years, video-based e-learning training has risen to become the become most common medium for employee training. Statistics from the Ambient Insight on the Worldwide Mobile Learning Market back this up: 98% of organisations planning to use video as part of their digital learning strategy in 2016 and 74% of people using…

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Prevent Duty Compliance

Prevent Duty: FE colleges and training providers need to comply with the UK Government’s anti-radicalisation programme

15th July 2016

Prevent Duty is back in the news. Ofsted, the schools inspectorate, have issued a report on a survey they undertook titled “How well are further education and skills providers implementing the ‘Prevent’ duty?” Whilst the report recognised the steps undertaken by mainstream FE and sixth form colleges, the report did however say: ‘Staff training was…

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