Fraud investigation folder

These major FCA fines shine light on compliance training needs

12th December 2019

After a relatively quiet year in 2018, the FCA has already issued a staggering £389m in fines. These include the second-largest fine of £102m against Standard Chartered for money-laundering, £45m for the Bank of Scotland for failing to be open and cooperative, and £34m for Goldman Sachs for poor reporting practices. One of the most…

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Mental health Student

Student mental health declines over time

28th November 2019

The largest-ever mental health survey of students has found alarming levels of illness and distress. The poll of nearly 38,000 students in the UK found that a large number of students experience anxiety, substance abuse, loneliness and thoughts of self-harm. The report, released in March 2019, has highlighted the fact that stress and anxiety is…

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Diversity and Inclusion Workshops

Protected: Diversity and Inclusion workshops in Limerick and Dublin

27th November 2019

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Inclusive Management graphic

Inclusive management training is the next step after unconscious bias training

25th November 2019

Diversity training is important, but it is rarely enough to change corporate culture without the support of broader interventions – inclusive management. According to research by Harvard Business Review, many organisations roll out diversity training, and are then disappointed to find that very little changes. In some cases, diversity training has produced negative results –…

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Person intervening

Bystander intervention – how training helps people step up

19th November 2019

You know inappropriate behaviour when you see it. But do you know how to respond?   For most people, the prospect of speaking up when we witness people behaving badly is frightening. Even if we want to intervene, we may not know what to say or do in these situations. Nobody wants to make a…

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Age in the workplace

Impacts of age in the workplace

13th November 2019

This article was written by Michael Howard who was head of diversity at Middlesex University and was a Marshall E-Learning client for many years. Michael now runs his own consultancy and works closely with us on content development, training consultancy, coaching and advising on updates to modules. This month Michael looks at ageism in the…

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Irish Universities Association

Irish Universities Association choose Marshall E-Learning

1st November 2019

We were delighted that the Irish Universities Association chose Marshall E-learning to create a suite of e-learning courses across every university and college in Ireland and to be given this opportunity to work across the university sector, initially in the Republic of Ireland. We will be designing from scratch, a brand new suite of e-learning…

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Brexit and Higher Education sector

Implications of a No-Deal Brexit for Higher Education Sector

30th October 2019

The news, social media, and daily conversations have been dominated of late with headlines about Brexit and the possible impacts to our economy, healthcare and society. However not much has been discussed about the possible implications of a no-deal Brexit on our universities and colleges. Across the sector uncertainty Despite speculation, nobody knows for sure…

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“What comes after unconscious bias” – New e-learning intervention

11th October 2019

Marshall E-Learning and Dan Robertson from Vercida Consulting are delighted to announce the creation of a new training programme “Becoming an Inclusive Organisation”, which was launched at the Diversity Leaders exhibition last week in London. This next step after unconscious bias training is vital to creating inclusion throughout the organisation.   Marshall E-Learning launched “Becoming…

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Is Unconscious Bias Relevant to REF 2021?

3rd October 2019

Universities are preparing themselves for the biggest shake-up in the way the quality of their research is evaluated since 2014. The Research Excellence Framework 2021 (REF 2021) brings with it many far-reaching changes that will impact how universities plan and execute their submissions and how they ensure that the tenets of Equity, Equality, and Transparency,…

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Therapy for girl

Best practice for responding to student’s disclosure of sexual violence

18th September 2019

In a study conducted in January 2019, more than half of the 5649 UK students surveyed said they had experienced unwanted sexual advances and assault. The need for all academic staff to know how to manage these incidences is clear. From supporting survivors to understanding internal reporting processes, this article offers practical guidance on how…

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Organisations interested and planning

Becoming inclusive, promoting equality, embracing diversity: why are organisations interested

10th September 2019

There continues to be discussion, programmes and training about equality, diversity and inclusion. Without appropriate awareness of these matters and how to deliver solutions to issues, some organisations will be at a disadvantage. In 2018, the CIPD said that people management practices must recognise that becoming inclusive goes beyond policy and involves ensuring that everyone…

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Promoting equality

Practical Steps for Promoting Equality in the Workplace

3rd September 2019

Embracing diversity at work helps create an inclusive culture. It encourages staff loyalty and shows commitment to good business ethics. From compliance to leadership, we offer practical solutions for promoting equality in the workplace.   Create a culture of fairness and inclusion Creating an inclusive culture involves everyone, but a vital ingredient is that senior…

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Engaged group work

Exercises to use in your unconscious bias training

27th August 2019

When delivered alongside a strategy of on-going stakeholder engagement with inclusion goals, unconscious bias training such as our e-learning is beneficial to businesses of all sizes and sectors. We’ve recently explored whether unconscious bias training works and how to make sure it meets your goals and expectations. One of the best ways to engage your…

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Warning signs mental health

How to spot warning signs of mental health issues in students

19th August 2019

The  alarming increase in student mental health issues has been well documented. Early recognition is key to supporting students who may be at risk. From behavioural changes to dramatic shifts in mood, we offer some practical tips for spotting warning signs of potential mental health issues in students – and what to do if you…

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Understanding and educating about unconscious bias and racism in the workplace

1st August 2019

In a recent interview with the renowned ethologist, primatologist and conservationist, Jane Goodall, HRH The Duke of Sussex mentioned the connection between unconscious bias and racism. Both racial and unconscious bias continue to have negative impacts on businesses, as well as in society in general. We offer training that supports guidance and learning about unconscious…

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Does Unconscious Bias Training Work?

22nd July 2019

Yes. But not completely. Well, it depends. Okay, let’s backtrack a little. Yes, unconscious bias training does work. It’s an effective way to deliver information. You can teach colleagues about the existence of unconscious bias, and open their eyes to the pressures that this invisible force exerts on all aspects of life and work. But,…

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Disability Awareness Course

Disability awareness and HR: What are your responsibilities?

16th July 2019

7.6 million people in the UK of working age reported that they had a disability between January-March 2019, which is 18% of the working-age population. Having a good awareness and understanding of how the workplace can affect disabled people and having the appropriate policies and procedures not only help ensure compliance but can deliver significant…

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Unconscious bias: why training is just the first step

12th July 2019

Unconscious bias can have a detrimental effect on your colleagues, your prospects and your organisation. These unseen forces play a major role in the decisions we make every day, limiting our potential and reducing opportunities for people who look, sound or think differently. And that can be a problem. It’s a big enough problem that…

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Accessible Elearning

Accessible elearning: how to create WCAG compliant learning online

12th June 2019

Are your e-learning courses available to everyone? Or are some elements difficult – or impossible – to access for people with different abilities? The good news is that creating accessible eLearning is easy to do – and in most cases can be the default approach to designing and developing online learning materials. The Web Content…

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How can e-learning help universities address sexual harassment on campus

How can e-learning help universities address sexual harassment on campus?

29th May 2019

Sexual assaults and harassment are major problems for universities. Not only are sexual assaults common, the universities themselves frequently fail to support students adequately – leading many students to suffer in silence. A recent survey by The Student Room and Revolt Sexual Assault found that 42% of the 4,500 respondents had experienced sexual harassment at…

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Unconscious bias - can e-learning help students experience university more objectively

Unconscious bias: can e-learning help students experience university more objectively?

Our biases cast a long shadow over our decisions, feelings and behaviours – often affecting our actions in ways we don’t understand because of attitudes we don’t recognise. Most people think they can make decisions fairly, unaffected by biases. The reality is that very few people are not swayed by their intrinsic biases. Overcoming unconscious…

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Cheap e-learning: 7 ways low-grade e-learning can harm your business

Hidden costs of cheap e-learning: 7 ways low-grade e-learning can harm your business

21st May 2019

E-learning is a cheap way to deliver training, right? No. E-learning is good value for money, absolutely. But if your e-learning is cheap, there’s a chance it’s not very good. After all, good quality learning materials take time to produce, and must be regularly updated, customised to your business, and offered on a platform that…

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Sexual harassment and bullying prevalent among lawyers

Stats show sexual harassment and bullying prevalent in legal industry

15th May 2019

Recent reports have indicated that UK law firms and government legal departments still suffer high levels of bullying and harassment.This was also high in contrast to their international peers, according to a study carried out by the International Bar Association. 7,000 lawyers were surveyed across 135 countries, and in the UK 62% of women and…

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