Barnardo’s ‘Be Smart, Be Safe’

Child Sexual Exploitation awareness course, developed by experts
This innovative Child Sexual Exploitation awareness e-learning course has been developed in collaboration with children’s charity Barnardo’s. It has been designed for young people, to be used in a facilitated classroom environment, in an engaging and informative way for children, without being patronising.


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Your learning outcomes

Although the course has been designed for young people to raise awareness about this important and highly sensitive issue, it will also be useful for anyone working with children, or who may be approached by children because of their profession or the nature of their work.
A range of highly engaging learning methods have been woven into the course, including a word match game and a story combining video, audio, text messaging and multiple choice questions that ask learners “What do you think?” at pivotal stages of the story.

Key objectives

  • To help learners understand the key terms used when discussing and/or reporting CSE
  • The course helps to explain and clarify to learners the situations in which CSE may arise, as well as the circumstances and methods of grooming that may be employed in order to facilitate CSE
  • To raise learners’ awareness about whom they can contact in cases of a suspected or actual CSE.

Course duration: 30 minutes – learners have the option to bookmark progress and complete the course in chunks.


Stay up-to-date
If you buy this course or any of our other Safeguarding e-learning courses you’ll get all the updates we make, so you’ll always be up-to-date with the latest legislation.

Learning by design
All our Safeguarding e-learning courses are highly interactive with rich graphics and audio-visual content, blending a variety of question-types and gamification to encourage learners to apply the learning in their daily lives.

Easy to implement & customise
All our e-learning courses come with Marshall E-Learning’s Learning Management System which enables you to manage all your e-learning and track completed training.

At Marshall E-Learning, we’re totally focused on creating content that’s exactly right for your learners. That’s why we’ve built our business around customising our existing courses to match the needs of specific organisations. And if something completely original’s required, we’ll make a bespoke course for you from scratch.

When we do this, our approach is guided by a few key principles.

Organisational Need
Why do you need to provide learning for your users – specifically? Is there a compliance need, a requirement to raise performance – or generate positive outcomes for external stakeholders? We prioritise making this clear as the first step in all of our projects.

Learner Centric
Who are your learners? What are their preferred learning styles? What do they know already? How confident are they with using technology? We’ll put these questions to you, and base our approach around the picture we build up.

Learning Outcomes
We use these to decide what every screen in every course we make is intended to achieve. What is it – exactly – that learners need to explain, describe, distinguish or list? Defining these up-front keeps every project on course as we move from initial proposal, through to storyboarding and then development.

Page-turning e-learning just doesn’t work. All of our courses are highly interactive, making extensive use of scenarios in particular. Rich media is used as appropriate, from audio-visual resources through to animations and bespoke graphics.

Respect for Learners
Treating learners as adults is vital to us. People don’t learn well if they feel they’re being patronised, and we aim to let users manage their own learning experience. We do this by writing our courses with an honest, direct tone, and giving learners choices in the form of additional learning resources and open navigational features.

‘What’s in it for me?’ is a question that all of our learners should be able to answer.

Used by

Through this partnership Marshall ACM is supporting Barnardo’s work with disadvantaged children and young people’ “Over the past year, Barnardo’s has been working in partnership with Marshall ACM to develop a portfolio of child protection and safeguarding e-learning resources. It is the first time that Barnardo’s has developed e-learning programmes for commercial purposes, and Marshall’s expertise and experience has been invaluable for us. They have supported Barnardo’s throughout, helping to develop content suitable for an e-learning format and also by jointly helping us to sell the content to customers. Through this partnership, Marshall ACM is supporting Barnardo’s work with disadvantaged children and young people. Anand Shukla Barnardo’s Social Enterprise Service
Your Safeguarding training meets the needs of FE so beautifully’ “Having previously offered Safeguarding training on a face-to-face basis, Newbury College decided that a more accessible, cost-effective approach was needed. We were delighted to find the Marshall ACM module, particularly as it meets the very specific needs of FE so beautifully. In addition, it can be tailored to suit our college needs and reflect our individual practices. With an Ofsted inspection imminent, we were able to roll out this training across the whole organisation to include Volunteers, Governors and partners in areas which previously had difficulty in accessing this type of information. Take-up has been fantastic, over 80% of staff completed the module within the first 3 weeks of going live, and feedback has been so positive that we have now added the Diversity programme to our portfolio. Administration has been easy, support from ACM always timely, helpful and efficient and reporting using the system generated data is excellent. Claire Barber Learning and Development Officer Newbury College

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