Generative AI E-Learning Training

Our Generative AI eLearning training range was designed to equip learners with a firm understanding of what generative artificial intelligence (AI) is and its capabilities.

As AI is an ever-growing industry and developing technology, it’s essential to understand how to use this technology both safely and effectively. Our Generative AI eLearning training suite covers key topics within this subject area, including:

  • What generative AI technology is
  • How generative AI technology can be used
  • How to create and implement and effective generative AI strategy
  • The risks, challenges and ethics associated with generative AI
  • The future of generative AI

Why choose Marshalls?

Marshalls developed these innovative generative AI eLearning courses as we recognised the growing trend of AI usage across industries. For many, AI is being used without a solid understanding of the associated risks and drawbacks, such as the fact that AI can be misleading, inaccurate and provide outdated information. At the same time, we recognise the vast advantages that come with this technology, and wished to provide guidance on how to harness these advantages effectively across your organisation.

Browse our Generative AI eLearning Training range below:

GenAI – What does the future hold?

Designed to prepare learners for the potential impact that GenAI can have on the workplace.

GenAI – Risks, Challenges, Ethics

Designed to equip learners with knowledge of the risks, challenges, and ethics associated with AI.

GenAI – Developing an AI Strategy

Designed to guide learners on how to build an effective strategy around the use of GenAI.

GenAI – Getting started with popular AI chatbots

Designed to provide learners with key knowledge of popular generative AI chatbots, such as ChatGPT.

GenAI – An Introduction

Designed to equip learners with a firm understanding of generative AI and its many uses.

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