Since Marshall ACM started in 2002 a strong core value has been to make a difference, both to our clients and to the wider community.

This approach has shaped our working practices for many years, guiding our specialisation in the diversity, equality and inclusion agenda and how we work with our clients and communities both locally and nationally.

We’re extremely proud of the partnership work with children’s charity Barnado’s and believe that the support we provide to charities and our clients is part and parcel of being an ethical organisation and employer.

Working with our clients

Since 2006 we’ve supported our client community via awards, sponsorship and our user groups.  A unique aspect of our work as an e-learning consultancy is bringing our clients together in person to facilitate thought leadership seminars and networking.

Our most recent user group, which is completely free for our clients, was held at Woburn House, central London where Diversity, Unconscious Bias and Inclusion Harper-Adams-University-LogoManagement expert Dan Robertson of ENEI (Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion) spoke on inclusive leadership.

Our most recent award sponsorship was for the Unsung Hero Award, one of Harper Adam’s University 2015 Aspire Awards. Congratulations to Karen Rhodes, PA to the Head of Educational Development, who won the award.

The Aspire Awards acknowledge high standards of work amongst the university’s staff and students and have been running since 2005 – ‘Aspire’ stands for Advancing Skills for Professionals in the Rural Economy.

Working with the local community

Manna_Society_logoWe support London Bridge-based charity The Manna Society who run the Manna Day Centre, a compassionate and practical response to London’s poverty and homelessness problems. It welcomes around 120-150 people every day, more than half of them homeless. The centre is open 7 days a week, serving around 800 meals, 70 mugs of soup and countless cups of tea every week.

The Centre also offers a place to rest, showers, clothing, access to medical care and advice on housing and welfare. Putting a roof over people’s heads is a key priority and in the 12 months to December 2015, Manna found accommodation for 296 people.

“The Manna Society wishes to thank Marshall E-Learning for its generous donation. This donation is a great help towards the costs of running our day services for homeless people. For £7 an individual is able to our services for a day. £50 covers the cost of our bought food for one day; and £100 covers the telephone and internet costs of our advice service for one month.”

Working with the wider community

Helen and Douglas House

Helen-Douglas-House-Hospice-CareWhen Helen House opened in November 1982 it was the world’s first children’s hospice. It provides 24-hour care and is based on a family home with 8 children’s bedrooms which provides flexibility, sensitivity and dignity for the children and families who stay there. The emphasis is on making the most of life, whatever the circumstances. Douglas House opened in February 2004 to provide young adults with the time to do the things they like to do with the support of the nursing and care team.

“Marshall ACM have generously supported Helen & Douglas House with e-learning solutions for the past 6 years. The courses are of extremely high quality and maintained regularly to include the most up-to-date information. Having the ability to include links to organisational document and wider reading means that the product is easily tailored to suit your organisation and results in training solutions that really do add value. The staff are friendly, helpful and great at keeping you informed. Great company, great product.”

Sarah Westmorland, Director of People Resourcing and Operations, Helen & Douglas House

The Welcome Centre

The-Welcome-CentreWe’ve been supporting the work of The Welcome Centre – a small registered charity providing practical, short-term support to help local people in crisis, referred by a front-line service in Kirklees. They offer basic essentials such as food, toiletries, household items and bedding as well as a listening ear and information about where to get further help, and give volunteers support to find meaningful employment.

“We are delighted with the Diversity in the Workplace online training package. It is interactive, visually appealing and offers a wide range of information which is both easy to understand and linked to examples that are relevant to our small charity. It covers material which both volunteers and staff need to understand in relation to the diverse nature of our clients and their needs, and it highlights good practice. The great thing about e-learning is that we can give staff and volunteers access to this Marshall e-learning package and they can progress at their own pace. The end-of-course quiz acts a useful check on what has been learnt.”

Yvonne Harding, Trustee, The Welcome Centre

Environmental issues

carbon-smart-logoWe support environmental issues through our work with:

Carbonsmart – have helped us to better understand how we use energy, water and other resources, or how well we are minimising waste.

Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC) – we provided EAUC with a free sustainability e-learning resource for all universities and colleges.

Working with our partners

Our work at Marshall E-learning requires us to work with key partners on content and consultancy.

Safeguarding & social enterprise: Barnardo’s

Barnados-logoWe’ve been working with children’s charity Barnardo’s on a profit-sharing basis since 2005 and build courses with them on a pro bono or ‘at cost’ basis.

A recent example of this partnership work is a suite of ‘night-time economy’ e-learning course, which includes a course for taxi and mini-cab drivers on safeguarding vulnerable adults and protecting children and young people.

The ultimate aim is that this course becomes a statutory requirement for drivers obtaining a mini-cab licence from local councils. We understand this is already planned by one local council and the course has only just launched (April 2016), which bodes well for future take up.

Find out more about our work with Barnardo’s

“David and his team are valued partners and have provided Barnardo’s with good support in developing e-learning programmes. David has provided excellent guidance and his team have brought a high level of creativity to the design of new innovative programmes which Barnardo’s can now offer to other customers on safeguarding and child sexual exploitation.”

Julie Dugdale, Head of Business Barnardo’s Training and Consultancy (BTC)

Legal accuracy: Shakespeare Martineau

We have chosen Shakespeare Martineau to check our courses for legal accuracy. They were instrumental in the content development of our Inclusive, Cohesive and Safe Campus course which dealt radicalisation. We wanted a course which would cover the prevent duty but still work in line with our diversity and inclusion work. Our course has a strong focus on inclusion on campus which was quite unlike any other offering for universities and colleges in this area.

Diversity and Inclusion: ENEI

ENEI-LogoEmployers Network for Equality and Inclusion (ENEI) and Marshall E-Learning collaborated on our best selling unconscious bias courses and are now working on a new offering on Inclusive Leadership and Inclusive Recruitment.

ENEI support Marshall E-Learning with advice and support around diversity and inclusion, offering writing bespoke case studies for us. Representatives from ENEI have spoken at client user groups.


Coaching, Engagement and Talent Management: 10Eighty

10Eighty is a boutique coaching and HR consultancy that Marshalls have collaborated with on numerous projects. Our latest collaboration is on ‘connected conversations’, which looks at a coaching approach to performance management.


Our equal opportunities policy

Our equal opportunities policy states our commitment to equal opportunities. It includes non-discriminatory procedures and practices; and lists all the forms of discrimination covered by the policy, ie age, gender, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, disability or pay rate. We regularly update our equal opportunities policy which has 5 sections:

  • A statement of commitment
  • Implementation – Recruitment & People management
  • Responsibilities of staff and managers
  • Breaches of the policy
  • Review
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