Gifts and Inducements

Gifts and Inducements
Gifts and Inducements

Understand gifts and inducements using real-life case studies

Gifts and Inducements
Gifts and Inducements

Regulations are presented for various types of regulated firms


What are gifts and inducements and why is it important to manage them?

An inducement is a benefit offered to a firm, or any person acting on its behalf, with a view to that firm, or that person, adopting a particular course of action. Conflicts of interest can arise from gifts and inducements where decisions and actions are (or could be) affected by personal self-interest at the expense of the needs of your firm or its clients. This impartiality may be driven by factors both inside and outside your place of work.

Conflicts of interest are high on the Financial Conduct Authority’s agenda. If gifts and inducements are overlooked, they may cause detriment to a number of stakeholders. The consequences of failing to comply with gifts and inducements regulations is demonstrated by the fines given to firms and individuals by the FCA. In 2022 these amounted to over £9 million.

This course has been designed to help people understand gifts and inducements using real-life case studies and hypothetical examples. Learners will be assessed on their knowledge and understanding through a test at the end of the course.

Adjustments can be made to suit the needs of your company – please contact us for more information.

Course Duration

This course should take around an hour to complete. Learners can bookmark their progress before exiting the course and resume from that point.

Continuous Professional Development

This course is CPD Certified and counts as 1 hour towards a learner’s annual CPD total


This course is split into 4 parts:

Part 1 – Introduces various types of gifts and inducements, explains how they might arise, and why it is important to manage them
Part 2 – Relevant regulations are presented for various types of regulated firms. Management options such as the Gifts and Inducements Policy and Register are explored. The role of employees is illustrated using a hypothetical example
Part 3 – Demonstrates what happens if gifts and inducements are not adequately managed. Recent high-profile case studies are used to demonstrate regulatory action
Part 4 – Contains a multiple-choice knowledge test based on the course content


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