Decolonising the Curriculum

Decolonising the Curriculum
Decolonising the Curriculum

This course introduces learners to the concept of decolonisation.

Decolonising the Curriculum
Decolonising the Curriculum

Decolonisation in relation to different roles is also explored.


This course explores the importance of decolonisation in relation to different roles within universities.

Marshall’s are pleased to announce the release of our latest course on Decolonising Campus.  Written in partnership with Buckinghamshire New University, this course will introduce you to the concept of decolonisation in Higher Education and its significance for an ethical institution.

The journey of decolonisation can seem daunting In fact, a recent study found that the biggest barrier to taking action is the lack of a starting point, with HE colleagues expressing fear of ‘getting it wrong’ or ‘not knowing enough to act.’  This worry is compounded further when we consider that professionals outside of the academic departments, may not be aware of decolonisation in the context of their roles and how it can impact departments from Information services, to estates and facilities.

Looking beyond the issues of decolonising the curriculum, this course will explore its importance in relation to different functions within the university and offer valuable insights and tips on how to advance the principles of decolonisation in their day-to-day activities and making a positive impact towards promoting inclusion and equity on campus.

By the end of this course, learner can expect to be able to:

  • Describe what decolonising is and its significance for academic and professional service.
  • Identify the reasons why decolonisation is important from an ethical and practical basis.
  • Begin to apply best practice in decolonisation within the context of your role in the university.

Course Duration

This course takes about 40 minutes to complete. Learners have the option to bookmark progress and complete the course in chunks.

Learning by design

This highly interactive e-learning course is designed with rich graphics and audio-visual content, blending a variety of question-types to encourage your learners to apply concepts to their daily work routine.

Easy to implement & customise

This course comes with Marshall LMS (Learning Management System), which allows you to manage your e-learning and track completed training.

Our in-house developers can quickly & effectively adapt this course to your sector and organisation. You could also add your own graphics, photos & video and amend content to include your policies, procedures, and key areas.

Learn more

If you would like to find out more about our Decolonising the Curriculum course please contact us and we’ll be in touch very soon.


This course is split into 4 parts:

Unit 1: Introduction
Unit 2: Decolonisation and You
Unit 3: Decolonising in Practice
Unit 4: Next Steps


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What You Say

"Working with Marshall E-Learning was a great experience. They have continued to support us after we implemented their training package by quickly updating module when required."

Matthew Quish, Compliance and Sponsorship Manager, Brunel University London

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