Diversity Micro Courses

Influential DEI Change Agent

Designed for DEI change agents to develop their skills, harness their influence and enact positive change.

Leading DEI for Boards and Senior Teams

Board members and senior leaders can learn how to lead DEI effectively.

Measuring DEI

Diversity and inclusion practitioners can find out more about effective DEI measurement.

Inclusive Line Management

Line managers can strengthen their understanding of the importance of being inclusive and implement appropriate behaviours to create a productive…

Inclusive Recruiting

Throughout the Inclusive Recruiting e-learning course, recruitment-centric learners can strengthen their understanding of the importance of being inclusive and learn…

Menopause Awareness Training

Designed for all members of the organisation, providing tools for creating a menopause-friendly workplace.


Provides a toolkit for creating an inclusive workplace for people with disabilities.


Explores neurodiversity in the workplace, and steps organisations can take to ensure that all members of staff achieve their best…

Gender Equality at Work

Provides an overview of gender equality and strategies for preventing sexism, discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Working Across Cultures

Explores cultural differences in the workplace, and the best strategies for working effectively across cultures.


Examines age discrimination, with strategies to ensure that staff of all ages feel included in the organisation.


Looks at the steps companies can take to make sure LGBTQ+ people feel valued, protected and fully included in the…


Explores solutions to the challenges that parenting can pose in the workplace, from flexible working to maternity leave.

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