Effective Communications Training

Effective Communications
Effective Communications

Understand what effective communication looks like through real-life case studies


Communication can bolster or undermine customer confidence

Communications with clients is one of the Financial Conduct Authority’s 12 Principles, and in 2016 the FCA released their Smarter Consumer Communications initiative to help improve consumer choice and decision-making through effective communications. The Consumer Duty has served to underline the importance of communications – the customer understanding outcome centres around how firms communicate with their customers. Firms also need to consider how they communicate with their own staff, the regulator, the press, and the wider public.

This course has been designed to help people understand what effective communication looks like through real-life case studies and hypothetical examples. Learners will be assessed on their knowledge and understanding through a test at the end of the course.

Adjustments can be made to suit the needs of your company – please contact us for more information.

Course Duration

This course should take around an hour to complete. Learners can bookmark their progress before exiting the course and resume from that point.

Continuous Professional Development

This course is CPD Certified and counts as 1 hour towards a learner’s annual CPD total.


This course is split into 4 parts:

Part 1 – Explains the FCA’s expectations for communicating with consumers, including financial promotions and distance communications. There is a balance to be struck between too little disclosure and ‘information overload’.
Part 2 – Provides guidance on internal communications between a firm and its staff, and between staff themselves using hypothetical examples: imagine your email splashed across the front pages of a national newspaper.
Part 3 – Demonstrates different ways in which a firm and its staff should communicate with other external stakeholders such as the regulator, the press and the wider public using a recent high-profile case study. The use of social media by individuals and firms shall also be explored.
Part 4 – Contains a multiple-choice knowledge test based on the course content.


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