Microaggressions are part of our everyday life
Microaggressions are part of our everyday life

They can be neutral, affirmative or negative and aggressive.




Creating a safe working space
Creating a safe working space

This course helps you recognise different types of microaggressions.



This Equality and Diversity Elearning Course will help learners to recognise different types of microaggressions and reflect on the impact they can have in the workplace.

Staff should work in a non-threatening and safe work environment and treated with dignity and respect, which is part of an employer’s legal requirement. Understanding how microaggressions intersect with Equality law and unconscious bias will help your organisation to reach this goal.

After completing this Equality and Diversity Elearning Course, learners will be able to:

  • Define the legislation relating to negative microaggressions
  • Understand how these behaviours link to unconscious or implicit bias
  • Define what constitutes microaggressions
  • Summarise the impact of microaggressions
  • Define the steps to take if you experience or witness microaggressions.

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This Equality and Diversity Elearning Course will raise awareness of different microaggressions in the workplace, some of which can be positive and affirming, others undermining and discriminatory.

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This course is split into 4 parts:

Part 1

What are micro-behaviours?

Part 2

Positive and negative micro-behaviours

Part 3

Micro-behaviour scenarios

Part 4

Micro-behaviours and you


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