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Video has become the lingua franca of the internet and is fast-becoming our preferred learning method whether we’re finding out how to DIY on Youtube or exploring a brand new subject on TED Talks. Read about how video-based e-learning is growing in popularity.

Bespoke video e-learning courses like our Diversity refresher use character-led video scenarios to engage learners and stimulate classroom discussion.

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How Unconscious Bias affects who we choose as leaders

Our Unconscious Bias e-learning course, discusses who we choose as leaders. Our Unconscious Bias can have an impact on our decision making throughout the workplace, which can result in unsuitable choices being made.

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Brain unconscious bias

Unconscious Bias training for US organizations

Do you understand your unconscious biases? Marshall E-learning has adapted our popular Unconscious Bias e-learning course, Breaking Habits to enable organizations in the United States to challenge their workplace practices.

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How Unconscious Bias affects decision making

Our Unconscious Bias e-learning course, ‘Breaking Habits’ will help your employees to understand the implications of the natural biases we all hold. It explains how we can overcome our unconscious bias to improve decision making

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Video within e-learning

A Focus on Video within E-Learning from Marshalls

This clip discusses Marshalls use of video E-learning, which involves short courses with 90% video and only 10% text. This quick training features realistic scenarios, as well as scenarios offering advice.

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Bystander Intervention Training

Watch a short video from the Marshall E-learning Bystander Intervention training course – a student is unhappy about working on a project with international students, a group of other students comment on his behaviour.

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Create an Online Induction for New Staff

This video shows a bespoke Induction course for new staff, which helps to integrate new starters into the workings of an organisation.

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Inclusive Recruitment and Selection: Advertising Vacancies

This “Inclusive Recruitment and Selection: Advertising vacancies” shows the support we give to universities to get the recruitment process right. Getting the right kind of employees, with the right skills and abilities, is an essential requirement for universities to meet.

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Michael Howard

Preventing Radicalisation and Extremism in the Workplace and School (The Prevent Duty)

In March 2015, the UK government issued guidance on the ‘Prevent duty’ to help people from being drawn into terrorism. We discuss what this means for organisations.

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Vernal Scott, Marshall consultant

Diversity: How We Measure The Impact of Diversity Training

In this video, Marshall consultant Vernal Scott discusses how we can measure the impact of diversity training.

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Dan Robertson

Unconscious Bias: How It Affects Your Business – An Interview with Dan Robertson (ENEI)

Psychologists refer to our unintentional preferences as unconscious bias, and it can affect creativity, innovation and productivity in your business. In this interview Dan Robertson discusses this concept.

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Course outline

Breaking the glass ceiling

With a focus on self-awareness, resilience and values our Women In Leadership course is a vital tool for achieving aspirations or targets for women in senior posts and effective succession planning.

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Marshall E-Learning Consultancy – Diversity and Inclusion Experts

We are Marshall E-Learning, an e-learning consultancy specialising in inclusion, diversity and unconscious bias. Whether you are looking to put your own content into an interactive module, or use our expert experience to build a course to your specification, we are always able to help.

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Why Marshall E-Learning?

Many of our clients choose us because we specialise in Inclusion, Diversity and Unconscious Bias. Inclusion runs through all our work, whether it’s management development, safeguarding, mental health awareness or coaching.

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Diversity and Equality Training by Marshall E-Learning Consultancy

We specialise in customised and updated online training built in our London office and have a growing portfolio of 50+ training courses ranging from unconscious bias, mental health and bystander training to management development training, with inclusion as a theme running throughout our work.

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Inclusive Recruitment and Selection Marshall Elearning

Inclusive Recruitment and Selection

Our Inclusive Recruitment and Selection course includes an ongoing, interactive video case study asking learners to make decisions about a simulated HE recruitment requirement illustrating the importance of equality and diversity.

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