Management Development Micro Courses

Performance Review

Introduces managers to essential skills and techniques for monitoring and assessing staff performance and providing feedback to staff members.

Staff Induction

Provides an overview of the best practice for ensuring that new and returning staff are seamlessly integrated within the organisation.

Managing Teams

Introduces learners to the key skills and behaviours used by managers to get the best from their teams.

Managing Budgets

Provides an overview of key techniques used by organisations to manage budgets and maximise performance and productivity.

Managing Absence

Introduces learners to the key skills and tools used by organisations to manage short-term and long-term staff absences.

Discipline and Grievance

Guides learners through the best practice for managing disciplinary and grievance procedures.

Time Management

Effective time management and strategies to reduce workplace stress and maximise productivity.

Recruitment and Selection

Focuses on recruitment and selection decisions, providing managers with a toolkit for identifying the best candidates for the organisation.

Equality and Diversity

Explores the importance of diversity in successful organisations, and steps individuals can take to prevent discrimination.

Defining Management

Examines the key criteria for effective management, exploring skills, behaviours and management styles.


Introduces learners to the key communication skills used by successful managers

Introduction to the Management Toolkit

Providing managers with an overview of the key themes.

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