USA Let’s Talk About Race In The Workplace Training

US Version available now!
US Version available now!

Updated video and content for a US audience


This increasingly popular course has been updated to reflect more US centric content and videos.

Our ‘Let’s Talk About Race in the Workplace- US version’ race equality training course has been designed to explore how racism is not just about explicit racist language, abuse or discrimination, but can take the form of inequality and inadvertent bias ingrained in the way organisations and society is run.

The course will further support learners to consciously and proactively address racial bias in their organisation.

Let’s Talk About Race in the Workplace is current and uncompromising in setting out the facts and thinking around systemic racism in organisations.

The primary audience for this race awareness training course is first-line managers through to board level leaders but could be used by anyone in the organisation.


This course is split into 5 parts:

Systemic Racial Biases vs Explicit Racist Behaviour

An exploration of these behaviours and how they may manifest in organisations

Unconscious racial bias

A brief introduction to this topic and how it can impact on racial inequality in the workplace.

White Privilege

Focuses on the aspects of white privilege that relates to the workplace.

Racial microaggressions

Typical examples of racial microaggression found in the workplace


Superficial responses by employers to avoid real action and mask inactivity.


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