Marshall E-Learning was founded in 2002 by David Marshall, Head of Research at Penna PLC and a network of Penna Consultants. The first course developed by the newly formed firm was titled “Diversity in the Workplace”, where working with our friends at ACAS we developed a web based diversity training course.

David founded the firm believing there was a gap in the market for digital learning by a team who would combine in-house knowledge on the topics as well as the technological expertise. This skillset means clients stay with Marshalls for many years as we carefully keep our work updated. It means clients can share a challenge with us, which is difficult and nuanced, and we can help them develop a script with them.

That course and variations of it have kept Marshalls busy every since. Now 18 years later we have trained over two million people in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Germany, Holland, United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Spain and France.

Based in Bankside, London SE1, Marshall E-Learning have a team of developers, illustrators, graphic designers, writers all supporting that core team who founded the firm back in 2002.

Update from David Marshall, Marshall E-Learning May 2021

In London this week it is great to see our cafes opening up, as well as my local bookshop which I’ve missed greatly. I can only imagine the hard work and business enhancements which have gone on behind the scenes.

Although we have been fortunate to operate fully throughout the lockdowns, I’ve taken time to look at enhancements we can make to our business. The team have spoken to clients to understand their current challenges and have worked exceptionally hard in the background to develop our offering.

Here’s what’s new at Marshall E-Learning

We have a great team of trainers I’ve worked with over the years and we are now running our first training workshops for clients, either individuals or in groups. As well as a new range of diversity and inclusion courses, we have a brand-new training consultancy.

New diversity training consultancy

This year, we want to enable organisations to take a more joined up strategic approach to diversity learning. This stops online training from becoming isolated.  Our diversity and inclusion support for clients is no longer limited to just training courses. Our new diversity training consultancy means that when eLearners complete their training, they can then get together with one of our experts to ask questions and discuss perspectives. With our training consultancy, we can enable eLearning to have a real impact and become a springboard for deeper engagement.

New staff, trainers and speakers

Ann Allcock is heading up this new training consultancy and already we are helping organisations with diversity and inclusion training, difficult conversations and mentoring. Ann was formally Head of Diversity at Business in the Community and has already hosted user groups for our clients and given guidance to clients on how to tailor their modules and update content.

We have added to our team of speakers and I’m delighted that we have been joined by Maggie Semple OBE. Her work in Let’s Talk about Race is actually our most popular course of 2021.

Professor Bob Garvey, one of Europe’s leading academic practitioners of coaching and mentoring, has contributed to our most extensive piece of eLearning. This new resource will be accredited and launches this summer.

The team now includes subject expert associates and skilled facilitators who are able to deliver training on a range of key topics, including:

  • race in the workplace
  • unconscious bias
  • unconscious inclusion
  • micro behaviours and micro aggressions
  • allyship
  • empowering employee networks
  • inclusive leadership
  • inclusive recruitment

Updated course content

Our bestselling course of 2020, The Lockdown Managers Toolkit, has now been redeveloped for 2021 as Future Ways of Working with a section on returning to work. We hope to help organisations as they prepare for opening up their offices again next month.

We are deploying new development innovations to our courses, such as branching scenarios. This is where your decisions have an impact on what you see on the screen and make for interactive, engaging, and effective eLearning. Our Insiders and Outsiders course looks at micro aggressions and inclusive leadership using branching video scenarios where your choices impact what you see happening on screen.

Marshall E-Learning has also developed new content focused on positive steps that everyone can take.  Our new Let’s Talk about Race module showcases this new approach.

Mental health and wellbeing courses

Delivered by trainer and expert presenter, Kate Faragher, many clients are taking up our eLearning courses on mental health and wellbeing. Our popular mental health fatigue course consists of an animated story that guides the learner through the concept of mental health fatigue.

What’s next for Marshall E-Learning?

New courses coming soon include menopause awareness and neurodiversity.  Many clients now pay a fixed fee per year for our subscription service to access all our courses on a budget basis (without customisation).  Subscribers will get these new courses at no extra cost this year.

We have American and Irish versions of Let’s Talk about Race in development. We are also currently creating a mental health resource for students and are working with University of Brighton on a pilot.

Marshall E-Learning also now offer a light touch review of the impact of your current eLearning and training, as well as offering a wider diversity audit to your organisation.

Find out more about all our latest developments by watching our video here and to find out how we can help your organisation simply give me a call.

Best wishes and stay safe,

David Marshall, London, May 2021

+44 (0)845 123 3909


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Marshall E-Learning was founded in 2002 by David Marshall, Head of Research at Penna PLC and a network of Penna Consultants. The first course developed by the newly formed firm was titled “Diversity in the Workplace”, where working with our friends at ACAS we developed a web based diversity training course. David founded the firm…

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