Information Security Smart UK GDPR Training

Information Security Smart GDPR Training
Information Security Smart GDPR Training

Includes 3 modules on GDPR, Information Security & Being Safe Online.

Information Security Smart GDPR Training
Information Security Smart GDPR Training

Find all the key knowledge on being safe online and information security.


Information Security Smart GDPR Training

Information security training across organisations is key to effectively reducing the risk of breeches of private data, malicious phishing attempts and other malware infiltration and viruses. Equipping employees with the knowledge and tools to securely protect their information online is necessary to secure your organisation’s data.

Our Information Security Smart UK GDPR training consists three modules in one: UK GDPR, Information Security, Being Safe Online. This well-rounded, accessible and informative information security training is a valuable resource to ensure your employees are well-informed about best practices for protecting their data.

This information security training course explores the following areas:

Module 1: UK GDPR

  • What is UK GDPR?
  • Key requirements of UK GDPR
  • Data controllers and processors
  • Data subject right
  • Restrictions and consequences

Module 2: Information Security

  • Passwords
  • Confidential risks
  • Keeping offices secure
  • Securing personal devices
  • Working outside the office

Module 3: Being Safe Online

  • Share with caution
  • Posting on social media
  • Safe use of social media
  • Phishing
  • Viruses

To offer a more in-depth description of each module:

  • The UK GDPR module ensures your organisation aligns with the expectations set out in UK GDPR; highlights the key areas of change and the actions required to ensure compliance
  • The Information Security module introduces the concept and outlines how organisations, and the individuals within it, can manage risk and external threats effectively
  • The Being Safe Online module focuses on the associated risks of online behaviour at work, in public places and at home and outlines how to behave responsibly when using social media, personal devices or Intellectual Property (IP) to mitigate information security threats

Featuring high-quality videos and case studies for the learner, this information security training concludes with a short assessment to determine understanding of course content. The course content is very engaging and covers all the necessary topics required to equip a learner with a firm understanding of information security.

This Information Security Smart UK GDPR suite can be purchased as one, consisting the three modules, or these modules can be purchased individually as standalone courses.

FAQs about Information Security Smart UK GDPR Training

How long is this course?

This suite contains three modules that are 20 minutes each. Completing the suite would take approximately an hour to complete.

Who is this course for?

This information security training is relevant for all organisations and institutions, across any professional sector as data protection and basic online safety is necessary for all employees to know. Therefore, this information security is accessible to all, as well as those interested in information security across the workplace to better improve organisational data protection and security.

Can this be customised?

Yes. This training is customisable for any organisation or institution. The Marshalls’ in house design team can customise this training to reflect the needs and aesthetic of your organisation. Through customisation, this training can feature your branding, photography and include content on your policies and procedures.

Is this course accessible?

Yes. Every Marshall E-Learning course is fully accessible. This Information Security Smart UK GDPR training is available in an accessible WCAGGAA version as well as other learning options.

Does the content of this course expire?

No. All of our eLearning training courses are routinely monitored and updated when necessary to ensure accurate and relevant content. Our Information Security Smart GDPR training will be updated if any changes are made to UK GDPR expectations and requirements or if information security best practice changes.

Where can I learn more?

To learn more about our information security training, please contact us directly or request a free 14-day free trial using the above buttons.


This course is split into 3 parts:

Information Security
Being Safe Online


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What You Say

"We look for 3 things when commissioning or purchasing any e-learning: the key messages communicated to the audience; how engaged the audience will be; and how the material can be tailored to the needs of the audience. With products such as GDPR or Health and Safety the material must cover all key areas and topics, and it is vital that the language used, case-studies discussed and examples fit the university context. Marshall E-Learning understand all of this, which makes their programmes so attractive."

Mark Crabtree, Assistant Director of Human Resources, Durham University

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