Reporting a Racial Incident Training

Reporting a Racial Incident
Reporting a Racial Incident

There is an important need to encourage reporting of racial incidents.


Reporting a Racial Incident is part of an extensive range of Equality and Diversity Elearning Courses by diversity experts Marshall Elearning.

Racial incidents happen on a daily basis despite a lot of work to remove race-related incidents from education. There is an important need to encourage reporting of racial incidents to enable the correct processes to be followed and appropriate sanctions to be used. Without reporting, racial incidents go unnoticed so perpetrators of racism do not have any accountability or receive any sanctions for their actions. No reporting means no action.

To better facilitate improvements in dealing with reporting racial incidents Marshall’s has developed a Reporting a Racial Incident Elearning Course to support staff with handling racial incident reporting by students. The Equality and Diversity Elerning Course provides definitions of what constitutes a racial incident including the more serious offence of a hate crime. It will equip staff to confidently handle reporting by students or witnesses to a racial incident in a supportive and professional way. The Reporting a Racial Incident Elearning Course also provides practical methods to help students or witnesses who may be distressed to provide full details of any incident.

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The training alongside other initiatives on race and racism will help to demonstrate an organisation’s real commitment to delivering race equality.

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This course is split into 4 parts:

Part 1
Part 2
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Part 4


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