• Allyship Training

    This course introduces learners to the concept of allyship and its importance in the workplace.

  • Being An Active Bystander

    Understand what an active bystander is and why it's so important.

  • Building Blocks for a Speak Up Culture

    This module provides organisations with key knowledge, tools and tips to encourage a speak up culture across their organisation.

  • Bullying and Harassment

    This equality and diversity online e-learning training course looks at why Bullying and Harassment is increasingly serious workplace issue.

  • Inclusive Line Management

    In this course, learners will explore the significance of inclusive leadership, understand its benefits, and learn practical strategies for fostering…

  • Microaggressions

    This Equality and Diversity Elearning Course will help learners to recognise different types of microaggressions and reflect on the impact…

  • Sexual Harassment

    This Sexual Harassment eLearning course will support organisations to provide a safe working environment where all staff are treated with…

  • Whistleblowing Training

    Disclosure Elearning Course. Since the financial crisis whistleblowing has become front-page news on topics such as data security.

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