Soft Skills

Empathy and Kindness at Work

Designed for learners to understand the value of empathy and kindness across the workplace environment.

Difficult Conversations

Designed for learners to strategically approach having difficult conversations.


Designed to strengthen an essential workplace skill.


Meeting-related skills are a must in today's modern working world.

Working From Home

Designed to equip learners on how to maximise productivity when working from home instead of an office environment.

Presentation Skills

Designed to strengthen presentation skills so that learners can generate, structure and effectively deliver information.


Designed to strengthen confidence and ability to be an effective leader in your role.

Making Good Decisions At Work

Designed to strengthen decision-making skills by guiding learners on how they can make the best decisions at work.

Customer Service

Designed to provide learners with relevant knowledge and advice for effective communication with customers.

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