Neurodiversity at Work

Understand the value of neurodiversity.
Understand the value of neurodiversity.
Learn how to make your workplace inclusive.
Learn how to make your workplace inclusive.


Explore the value of neurodiversity in the workplace and the benefits of hiring neurodiverse individuals.

Neurodiversity is the concept that people’s brains work in a multitude of unique ways. As 1 in 7 of us is neurodivergent, embracing neurodiversity in the workplace is so important.

Our training educates employers and employees on what neurodiversity is, the skills and attributes that neurodivergence can bring to the workplace and ways to ensure an inclusive culture.

This Neurodiversity At Work training course explores the following areas:

  • What is neurodiversity?
  • Personal experiences
  • How we think and speak about neurodiversity
  • The value of neurodiversity in the workplace
  • Benefits of hiring neurodiverse people
  • The legislative context
  • Advice on how to create a positive and productive working environment
  • Considerate recruitment and performance reviews


Why choose Marshalls?

For over two decades, Marshall E-Learning has been a leading provider of industry-leading diversity and inclusion training.

We are firm believers in the value of actively prioritising diversity and inclusion training to improve practice, rather than simply being compliant.

Our Neurodiversity at Work training course will contribute to supporting employee wellbeing and generate a diverse and inclusive culture, empowering your organisation to thrive.

On the specific topic of Neurodiversity, we also have a Neurodiversity micro-learning training course which provides key insights on this topic in less depth.


FAQs about Neurodiversity Training

How long is this course?

This training takes 30 minutes to complete. Learners do have the opportunity to bookmark their progress and return to the course.

Who is this course for?

This training course is relevant to any and all organisations and institutions, across any sector or industry. Neurodiversity in the workplace training is relevant for managers, leadership teams, HR staff members and diversity leaders, as well as those interested in the topic of neurodiversity and how to make the workplace more inclusive for neurodivergent people.

Can this course be customised?

Yes. This training course is customisable to suit the specific needs and preferences of any organisation. Our in-house design team can creatively tailor this training to feature your organisation’s photography, branding and unique policies and procedures relating to this topic.

Is this course accessible?

Yes. Every Marshall E-Learning course is fully accessible. This Neurodiversity training is features written transcripts for video and audio segments. There is also a WCAG version of this course available.

Is this course available as facilitated training?

Yes. Marshall E-Learning has an in-house diversity and inclusion training consultancy that can offer facilitated training sessions on subjects including Neurodiversity At Work. We can provide facilitated training in tandem with our training course or following the completion of the eLearning training course. Many organisations appreciate this blended learning format, with many finding the combination of facilitated training and eLearning being a firm way to boost learner understanding.

Does the content of this course expire?

No. All of our diversity and inclusion training courses, including this course are regularly monitored and updated with new information if relevant.



This course is split into 5 parts:

What is neurodiversity?
What is it like to be neurodivergent?
How we think and speak about neurodiversity
The value of neurodiversity in the workplace


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