Unconscious Bias Training

Understand the implications of unconscious bias.
Understand the implications of unconscious bias.
Explore how unconscious bias impacts recruitment.
Explore how unconscious bias impacts recruitment.


An online training course to help you and your employees understand the implications of natural biases that we all hold.

Unconscious Bias training is essential for all organisations as allowing our natural biases to influence our everyday can be limiting.

Overcoming unconscious bias is a sure way to ensure inclusivity and diversity across all areas, including recruitment, retention and wellbeing of employees.

Our UB training course encourages reflection and self-awareness, empowering learners with knowledge on how to promote a positive culture. It informs learners about the different types of bias and discrimination that are prohibited under the Equality Act of 2010, including gender bias, age bias and more.

This Unconscious Bias training course explores the following areas:

  • What is unconscious bias?
  • Recognising different types of unconscious bias
  • Exploring unconscious bias
  • The impact of unconscious bias on recruitment and selection, work allocation, performance management and customer relations

Why choose Marshalls?

For over two decades, Marshall E-Learning has been a leading provider of industry-leading diversity and inclusion training.

We are firm believers in the value of actively prioritising diversity and inclusion training to improve practice, rather than simply being compliant.

Our Unconscious Bias training course will positively impact your employee wellbeing and retention, productivity and wider reputation.

This course is available in a USA version and we also offer a HE-specific Unconscious Bias for Students training course.

FAQs about Unconscious Bias Training

How long is this course?

Our UB training course takes 30 minutes to complete.

Who is this course for?

Our training course is relevant for all organisations and institutions, across any industry. Unconscious bias training is crucially important for managers, members of leadership teams, HR staff members and diversity leaders, as well as any individuals interested in creating a more inclusive and diverse environment for their workplace.

Can this course be customised?

Yes. This training is available for customisation. Our team of in-house designers can customise this Unconscious Bias training to meet the specific requirements of your organisation and reflect its values and aesthetic. Through customisation, this training course can feature your organisation’s photography, branding and unique policies and procedures relating to the topic.

Is this course available accessible?

Yes. Every Marshall E-Learning course is fully accessible. The Unconscious Bias training course is available in a WCAG version as well as within the following learning options:

  • Spoken word audio
  • A voice reader compatible version as a W3C AA online workbook
  • A complimentary workbook compatible for printing and online viewing

Is this course available as facilitated training?

Yes. Marshall E-Learning has an in-house diversity and inclusion training consultancy that can provide facilitated UB training for your organisation. There is the opportunity to utilise our facilitated training offering in tandem with this eLearning course or following the completion of it. Many find the blended learning approach valuable for strengthening learner understanding and retention of the core concepts.

Does the content of this course expire?

No. All of our diversity and inclusion training courses, including our Unconscious Bias training, are regularly monitored and updated where necessary to remain accurate and relevant. If there is any new developments in legislation or social and cultural attitudes, our eLearning training will reflect those.


This course is split into 6 parts:

What is unconscious bias?
Recognising different types of bias
Exploring unconscious bias
The impact of unconscious bias on recruitment and selection
The impact of unconscious bias on performance management
The impact of unconscious bias on customer relations


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What You Say

"I am delighted by the course that Marshall E-Learning developed for us and was especially impressed by their keenness to understand our needs and students properly. We have a strong need to help staff and students to understand unconscious bias and a course that explained the “theory” of unconscious bias with routes to further reading and help students to understand their own biases and how to address them. The final course dealt with unconscious bias in society using evaluation questionnaires that made it personal and relevant to the University of Edinburgh context."

Professor Alan F. Murray Assistant Principal, Academic Support University of Edinburgh

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