ALFE (Accessible Learning for Everyone) is Marshall’s new accessible learning platform. With both course creation capabilities and learning management features, our new LMS has been designed to meet a minimum of WCAG 2.1, AA level of accessibility.

From a course authoring perspective, ALFE provides a refreshingly streamlined environment to create accessible e-learning content. Existing course authoring software, such as Storyline and Rise, are amazing tools for creating interactive and feature-rich content. However, courses developed using these kinds of software potentially lead to the exclusion of those with accessability requirements.

ALFE, on the other hand, has been built from the ground up with accessability requirements in mind. For instance, the following WCAG 2.1 design guidelines have been integrated into the final system:

  • Reflow (1.4.10): users can zoom without scrolling/causing poor experience
  • Non-text contrast (1.4.11): non-text content has sufficient contrast with the background
  • Pointer gestures (2.5.1): simple gestures, such as single tap, incorporated for easy navigation
  • Label in name (2.5.3): labels are aligned with corresponding visual text
  • Status messages (4.1.3): progress bar aids system visibility for end user

The integration of these design features aids the accessability of e-learning content provided by Marshalls immensely. Our current offerings, the majority of which have been developed in Storyline and Rise, are extremely popular with our existing client base. However, issues of accessability within the courses have been raised from time to time. For instance, carousels (i.e. an interactive element within a course), unclear course navigation, and colours used within courses have been highlighted as problematic. ALFE, therefore, can now be utilised by existing, and potential clients, as a tool to create more inclusive content and helps us at Marshalls to provide a more comprehensive offering.

If you would like to talk more about our contribution to digital accessibility in e-learning and enabling those currently excluded to enjoy the benefits of interactive learning, you can contact us here, or check out our website here.

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