Menopause At Work Training

Menopause At Work Training
Menopause At Work Training

Learn how to have open conversations about menopause

Menopause At Work Training
Menopause At Work Training

Recognise the physical and psychological symptoms of menopause


Menopause is a very important topic for employers and employees within any organisation to be aware of. Menopause affects a significant portion of the UK workforce, with latest figures estimate that there are around 13 million people that are currently perimenopausal or menopausal in the UK, with 4.5 million women aged between 50 and 64 in employment. It is the responsibility of an employer, and an organisation more generally, to ensure that those experiencing menopausal symptoms are supported.

Our Menopause At Work training course is designed to equip organisations with information on best practice to support employees through their menopause transition. Having a firm awareness of what the menopause is, and how it can affect employees, is the first step to ensuring that employees feel seen and supported within their work environment.

Our Menopause At Work training course covers the following areas:

  • What is menopause?
  • Recognising the physical and psychological symptoms of menopause
  • Addressing concerns about menopause
  • Tackling myths stereotypes and assumptions
  • Understanding the barriers to communicating about menopause
  • What helpful responses look like
  • Top tips for managers
  • Useful resources

Featuring high-quality images and animations, interactive activities and quizzes, insightful scenarios and personal stories, our Menopause At Work is a valuable resource for all organisations to raise awareness of the topic and increase understanding of the experiences of employees going through their menopause transition.

FAQs about our Menopause At Work training course

How long is this course?

Our Menopause At Work training course takes 30 minutes to complete.

Who is this course for?

Our Menopause At Work course is designed for anyone interested in the topic of menopause from a personal perspective, including those currently experiencing or anticipating the menopause. This course is also designed for line managers and members of leadership across an organisation, as well as those responsible for creating an organisational policy on menopause. All staff members will benefit from undertaking this training course to strengthen general understanding and awareness on the topic.

Can this course be customised?

Yes. This training course is available for customisation for any organisation. Our in-house design team can customise this training courseto tailor it for your organisation, featuring your photography, branding and specific organisational policies on Menopause.

Is this course accessible?

Yes, every Marshall E-Learning training course is fully accessible.

Does the content of this course expire?

No. All of our training courses, including our Menopause At Work training course, are regularly monitored and updated to ensure all content is both accurate and relevant.

Do Marshalls offer any further training courses or content on the topic of menopause?

Yes. Marshall E-Learning has a micro-learning course on Menopause that takes 15 minutes to complete. This Menopause micro-learning training course is designed for busy organisations and still provides and in-depth exploration of what menopause is and the impact that it can have on employees experiencing it. We also write informative blog content on the topic of Menopause, including this piece on Menopause Communication Barriers In The Workplace.


This course is split into 5 parts:

Stages of menopause
Different experiences
Communication barriers
Top tips for managers


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