Management Development & Employability

David Marshall previously led the project team on developing e-learning for the outplacement services at Penna Consulting PLC. As such, areas such as employability and management development are areas where we have in-house subject matter expertise. Our consultant base is particularly strong in this area, and because of the origins of Marshall E-Learning we are able to draw upon particularly high calibre consultants if required.

Recent projects have included:

  • Developing Employability e-learning for our partners 10 Eighty. This resource made rich use of video interviews and has an accompanying app.

  • We have recently been commissioned by University of the Arts to develop a ‘Managers Toolkit’, which comprises a suite of training modules ranging from communication to difficult conversations designed to assist a new manager in their first managerial role.

  • University of Durham asked Marshall E-Learning to work on a performance management and appraisal e-learning module for all staff.


Coaching and Performance Management

Many have said that the annual appraisal is no longer viable in the modern workplace. In this Coaching and Performance Management training course we wanted to explore how organisations can move to a coaching model for performance discussions and examine what these discussions look like in the distinctive higher education environment.

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Inclusive Managers’ Toolkit

Would your organisation benefit from inclusive managers? The 16 modules in our Inclusive Managers’ Toolkit will help you build an inclusive culture and ensure your managers are equipped to thrive in the 21st-century workplace.  

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Inclusive Leadership

Enhance diversity, increase business & individual performance Our 10-minute video learning course with enei’s Dan Robertson defines ‘inclusive leadership’ and the potential challenges and benefits of this approach.

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Recruitment & Selection update

Higher Education version with unconscious bias supplement We’ve updated our Recruitment & Selection e-learning module to provide learners with a more comprehensive understanding of recruitment and selection in the higher education sector. This course also includes a supplement on unconscious bias.

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PABLO – Performance Appraisal Tool

The common currency in HR is: “The performance appraisal is dead”. Our new online performance review tool – PABLO – that we jointly developed with Edinburgh Zoo, is about much more than appraisal. We think it’s time to think differently about performance.  

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Managing Performance

Optimising performance in Higher Education Our Managing Performance e-learning module was developed with Cardiff Metropolitan University and the University of East Anglia to provide HE managers with the knowledge and tools to effectively manage performance.

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Leadership for Managers Elearning

Leadership for Managers

A fresh look at leadership styles Are you Queen Victoria or Jean Luc Picard? In our Leadership for Managers course we challenge learners to consider the difference between managers and leaders and understand their own leadership capabilities.

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Stress Management

Minimise workplace stress & absenteeism, boost productivity Take positive action now, and your organisation will be better equipped to manage the pressures and stresses of the current difficult climate, which can help to boost productivity, too.  

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Safe Recruitment

Building confidence to recruit safely A key element of safeguarding is to make recruitment as safe as possible. But even if properly applied, no safe recruitment policies can provide 100% protection for vulnerable people.    

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Recruitment and Selection

Get the right employees for your organisation Our recruitment and selection e-learning course will support you in finding the right employee for your requirements.  

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Performance Management

Promoting staff and organisational growth and development Originally developed with La Trobe University, Melbourne this course explores ways to optimise your employees’ abilities, and encourage them to develop new skills, and how this can impact on your organisation’s success.

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Mentor Update

Freshen up your mentors Our mentor update module has been designed to ensure that your mentors receive the training and support they require to continue fostering and developing talent within your organisation.    

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Manager’s Toolkit

Preparing managers for challenges in the workplace Good management is key for any organisation to prosper, and it’s a key factor in maintaining a contented and efficient workforce. Our Managers Toolkit has been developed to provide a handy tool for new managers or experienced managers wishing to brush up on their skills.  

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Early Dispute Resolution

A better way to engage with difficult issues arising in the workplace. Disputes can cause a lot of organisational problems. Co-workers in dispute are less efficient, less happy, and less motivated. Tasks may be delayed and deadlines missed so it makes good business sense to resolve disputes as early as possible.

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Customer Service

Supporting your staff to deliver high standards of customer care Our Customer Service course examines the key skills required to deliver good customer care, and encourages learners to reflect on their own values, attitudes and practice. Through case studies, scenarios and exercises, this e-learning course offers a framework for reflecting on current practice in the…

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Conflict Management

Resolving issues and disagreements in the workplace Conflict is part of life …and work. We all have different opinions on different issues and want to express these opinions, some more vocally than others.  

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