“What comes after unconscious bias” – New e-learning intervention

Marshall E-Learning and Dan Robertson from Vercida Consulting are delighted to announce the creation of a new training programme “Becoming an Inclusive Organisation”, which was launched at the Diversity Leaders exhibition last week in London. This next step after unconscious bias training is vital to creating inclusion throughout the organisation.   Marshall E-Learning launched “Becoming…

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Becoming an Inclusive Organisation by Dan Robertson

Many organisations have asked us “what’s the next step after unconscious bias training”, which has prompted us to create and deliver our new course Becoming an Inclusive Organisation. This course acts as the next stage after our introductory course on unconscious bias and provides clients the opportunity to get to grips with integrating inclusion into…

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Inclusive Recruitment

Your first step to creating a successful inclusive organisation Benefit from greater access to different perspectives, understanding of customers, increased customer engagement and improved employer image.

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Unconscious Bias Training

Challenging unconscious bias in the workplace Our Unconscious Bias training course, ‘Breaking Habits’ will help your employees to understand the implications of the natural biases we all hold.

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Diversity in the Workplace

The market leader in Diversity – Equality Act 2010 compliant Our market leader, Diversity in the Workplace is Marshall E-Learning’s original e-learning course. It remains one of the most widely used courses on the subject today.

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Inclusive Leadership

Enhance diversity, increase business & individual performance Our 10-minute video learning course with Dan Robertson defines ‘inclusive leadership’ and the potential challenges and benefits of this approach.

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Unconscious Bias – US Version

Challenging unconscious bias in the US workplace We’ve adapted our popular Unconscious Bias e-learning course, Breaking Habits to enable organizations in the United States to challenge their workplace practices.

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Equality. Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity in the Workplace – US version

The market leader in Diversity Our market leader, Diversity in the Workplace, is Marshall E-Learning’s original e-learning course, adapted for the US market, and remains one of the most widely used courses on the subject today.

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Video e-learning: a diversity top-up

Need a Diversity training refresher? We’ve created a brand new take on Diversity training. Its 90% film-driven and contains a suite of engaging, amusing and thought-provoking video scenarios. This 20-minute course could act as a refresher in the subject or a catalyst for classroom discussion. And as it can be viewed on any device, its perfect for…

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Inclusive, Safe and Cohesive Campuses (covers prevent)

Creating an inclusive organisation free from extremism and radicalisation Supporting your organisation to carry out their safeguarding work and implement the Prevent duty

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Inclusive Managers Toolkit

Would your organisation benefit from inclusive managers? The 16 modules in our Inclusive Managers Toolkit will help you build an inclusive culture and ensure your managers are equipped to thrive in the 21st-century workplace.

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Unconscious Bias for Students

The 1st unconscious bias course tailored specifically for students Developed in partnership with the University of Edinburgh this course was designed to enable their 37,000 students to be more fair-minded and critique without bias when evaluating staff members and university services.

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Tutor Led Supplement Diversity

A bonus to Diversity in the Workplace This tutor-led supplement to our Diversity in the Workplace course is an online or offline presentation

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Equality Analysis Toolkit

Identify services & practices that support equality Our online Equality Analysis Toolkit combines a training module, a database and a reporting function to help you implement, coordinate and evidence equality analysis across your organisation.

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Diversity in Learning and Teaching

Diversity e-learning for higher education professionals This best practice diversity e-learning course has been designed for staff working in the higher education sector.

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Diversity in the Workplace, Australia

A unique course for a uniquely diverse country Australia’s singular history as a migrant country has shaped the diversity of its people, culture and lifestyle, making it one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse countries in the world.

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