New Advanced Diversity Skills Range

26th September 2023

Marshall E-Learning Consultancy is excited to share our latest addition to our extensive e-learning course library. Our latest advanced diversity skills range is designed to empower organisations with the knowledge, resources and tools needed to drive impactful change. Each of these five courses contribute to creating inclusive workplace cultures across all sectors, ensuring that organisations understand the importance of all employees feeling recognised, accepted and valued for their contribution.

The advanced diversity skills range are each micro e-learning courses, meaning that they take 15 minutes to complete. Micro e-learning courses are a versatile and accessible training solution, especially for busy corporations. As many organisations are still coming to terms with the changed landscape of the working world since the Covid-19 pandemic, they can rest assured that our courses have adapted to suit this new framework with our easy-access, relevant, and streamlined courses.

Our Advanced Diversity Skills Range

Our five new presenter-led e-learning courses comprise of the following titles, each with a brief description of the course content and the target audience.

Inclusive Recruiting

Targeted at hiring managers and other recruitment-based professionals, this e-learning course emphasises the necessity of recruiting inclusively to the benefit of your employees and your wider organisation. This course develops learner understanding of the benefits of an inclusive workplace and provides a useful guide on designing inclusive job descriptions and person specifications.

Inclusive Line Management

Targeted at line managers across any industry, this e-learning course provides learners with digestible information on how to strengthen their skills as an inclusive line manager. This course encourages learners to reflect on their own personal biases whilst detailing core qualities and behaviours to avoid as an inclusive line manager.

Measuring DEI

Targeted at diversity and inclusion practitioners, or those in other roles responsible for diversity and inclusion, this e-learning course empowers learners with the ability to confidently and effectively measure DEI across their organisation. Featuring guides on measurement methods, such as dashboards and scorecards, and key information on the value of qualitative and quantitative data in DEI assessment. This course guides learners to apply best practice when presenting findings of DEI progress.

Leading Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Boards and Senior Teams

Targeted at board members, senior teams and senior leadership individuals, this e-learning course equips learners with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to lead inclusively and foster a welcoming, positive and diverse culture. Considering the business case of DEI, alongside strategies for inclusive leadership, this course showcases to learners what inclusive leadership looks like.

Influential DEI Change Agent

Targeted at individuals who take on roles to support organizational DEI activities and strategies, such as diversity and inclusion ambassadors, this e-learning course is designed to strengthen the confidence and effectiveness of DEI change agents across an organisation. This course offers guidance on how to kickstart conversations about DEI, how to challenge discriminatory behaviour and consider personal actions to improve your influence as a change agent.


Each of these advanced diversity skills range courses were written by Ann Allcock, our head of diversity and the former head of diversity at Business in the Community. These courses were developed in response to our clients wanting a mature approach to diversity and inclusion training instead of training of this nature strictly being an issue of compliance.

The entire team at Marshall E-Learning Consultancy are extremely proud of these new advanced diversity skills range. The timing of National Inclusion Week 2023, and it’s theme of ‘Take Action, Make Impact’ has lined up perfectly for our launch, with these new courses being a strong stepping stone for organisations to take action and make a meaningful impact on their employees and their wider culture. Be sure to check out our most popular diversity in the workplace eLearning course.

To learn more about our new advanced diversity skills range, visit this page. For a demo of any of these courses, please contact David Marshall at, or for a discussion with our head of diversity, please contact Ann Allcock at

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