New Microlearning Diversity Courses

11th July 2023

With the average human attention span now shorter than a goldfish (according to a Microsoft report), microlearning has huge benefits for businesses. So much so, that Marshall e-Learning has introduced a range of new courses and expanded our diversity range. expanded our diversity range.

Microlearning has been a part of traditional learning for some time, and while it is underutilised by most businesses, it is starting to influence the corporate world. Increasingly busy schedules and decreasing attention spans make it more difficult to find time for learning and enrichment in modern workplaces. That’s why microlearning—short, focused, and interactive learning sessions broken down into five-minute segments—has become so popular in the post-COVID-19 world.

When it comes to equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) training, microlearning can effectively encourage personal reflection and is an effective format for diversity and inclusion learning.  It can be a daunting prospect for many employees to get to grips with often sensitive topics and unfamiliar terminology and to understand different lived experiences.

With our new diversity and inclusion microlearning suite, the delivery of content can be drip-fed to employees to embed learning and create an organisational culture where engagement with and constructive conversations around equality, inclusion, and belonging are the norm.

An effective employee learning and development programme can lead to higher employee retention. At Marshall e-Learning, our diversity training focuses on what your people need to build a culture of inclusion where everyone can thrive.

Our microlearning format features easy-to-digest video tutorials that are all hosted by specialist presenters.

Our new courses include:

  • Inclusive recruitment for hiring managers
  • Inclusive line management every day
  • Measuring diversity and inclusion progress
  • Effective ED&I champions
  • Leading ED&I for boards and executive teams

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The benefits of microlearning

When learning and development (L&D) teams are under budget pressure, microlearning is cost-effective as it can reach lots of learners, and there’s no need to pay for a trainer’s time or rent physical classrooms.

In addition:

  • Microlearning is inclusive and may help neurodivergent employees, such as dyslexic learners or those with ADHD.
  • The variety of learning formats suits different learning styles, from quizzes to videos, they cater to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners.
  • Microlearning modules can be completed quickly and fit into work commitments.
  • Deliver just-in-time learning where employees have access to knowledge whenever they need it.
  • Microlearning enables your staff to expand their skill sets without a significant upfront time commitment.

Research also suggests that knowledge retention is increased when small pieces of information are presented on a regular basis and reinforced over extended periods of time.  According to RPS research, microlearning improves focus and supports long-term retention by up to 80%.

Anytime, anyplace, anywhere

Microlearning platforms are all digital. This makes the courses easy to access online. Even if learners are training remotely or on the go, they can study from their smartphones and tablets.

At Marshall E-learning, we’re focused on creating content that’s right for your employees. And if unique content is required for your organisation, we’ll create a bespoke course for you from scratch. If you would like a free trial, get in touch with Marshall e-learning today.

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