Marshalls supports Police Scotland’s win for Learning & Development programme of the year

28th November 2023

Article written by Tamar Elderton-Welch, Head of eLearning at Marshall E-Learning Consultancy, a Ciphr company

It is with great pride that we at Marshalls (a Ciphr company) congratulate our clients at Police Scotland on their win at this year’s Inspire Justice Awards ceremony. The award was for ‘Learning and Development Programme of the Year 2023’ for a comprehensive suite of learning products including OnDemand learning, bitesize facilitator sessions, and an online equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) module created in partnership with Marshall eLearning. 

The focus of the Police Scotland learning programme is to cultivate a broad set of personal development skills such as coaching, developing a growth mindset, resilience, mindfulness, and inclusion (to name but a few). The award not only recognises the breadth and focus of the programme but also the ease of access with which officers and staff at Police Scotland can participate in the learning products. 

Marshalls are delighted to learn that our Introduction to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion module, created in close partnership with Police Scotland’s Continuous Professional Development Team, was part of the award submission. Working closely together, the team at Marshalls and Police Scotland’s Continuous Professional Development Team were able to bring together their individual specialisms, to deliver a well-received learning experience. 

Ann Allcock, Head of Diversity at Marshalls, who worked closely on the content with Police Scotland, says:  

“It was a privilege for the Marshalls team to work with Police Scotland on this diversity and inclusion module, from inception to launch, and to use their expertise to help turn a vision into reality. We’re delighted that learner evaluation and feedback has been so positive overall and it’s our hope that the course will serve as an engaging and practical diversity and inclusion resource for Police Scotland’s dedicated officers and staff.” 

The aim of the Introduction to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion module is to enhance professionalism and improve workplace culture by constructively challenging views and perspectives, so that officers and staff gain an increased awareness of the impacts of exclusion on individuals within the community and on colleagues. The course is designed to be a springboard for positive conversations, with the aim of creating a sense of belonging for everyone and to have greater appreciation of how EDI is our individual and collective responsibility. 

The reception of the course by staff and officers at Police Scotland has been resoundingly positive with the vast majority (89%) of learners agreeing that they feel confident about applying their knowledge of EDI in their role. Learners commented that they found the course:  

“Extremely informative and thought provoking. This has provided me with an opportunity to examine my behavioural traits and ensure that I react appropriately to and apply all the elements of the training module.” 

And, “The module was one of the best, if not the best module I have completed within Police Scotland – are all modules going to be this good going forward?” 

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