New Diversity Consultancy Service

5th May 2021

Our new Diversity Consultancy is led by our Head of Diversity, Ann Allcock.  We talk to her to find out more about this exciting new offering and how it can make a difference to your organisation.

Why is Marshalls launching this new Diversity Consultancy service?

Marshalls is a well-established and highly respected diversity eLearning provider based in the UK but working increasingly with global clients and organisations across Europe and in the US.

Over the past couple of years, our eLearning clients have frequently asked us for wider diversity support.  This is normally in the form of facilitated workshops or other diversity and inclusion consultancy because they’re keen to implement a joined-up approach and have one specialist provider supporting them with their diversity learning.

The launch of Marshalls new Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) training and consultancy arm responds to those requests and will enable us to provide a really comprehensive service to both existing and new clients.

What will the new consultancy and training service offer to clients?

Marshalls is all about learning and we’re going to maintain and expand that focus with our new service.

We want our products and services to make a real difference.  We want to help our clients build on the impact of e-learning and to create further opportunities for employees to engage with diversity and inclusion topics.

As a start we’ll be offering all Marshall clients some complimentary tools, resources, and opportunities to help keep diversity and inclusion on the agenda, so the reflection and learning doesn’t stop with the online module.

Our more extensive offer includes facilitated workshops either delivered by our subject expert associate facilitators, or via a train the trainer approach.  Additionally, audits or temperature checks help organisations understand their strengths and gaps and develop a strategic approach to diversity learning.

For facilitated workshops we know that clients are interested in topics such as conscious inclusion, micro-behaviours, anti-racist practice, inclusive leadership and inclusive recruitment, but these are just examples.  We’re really keen to find out what you need and will always design our training and other consultancy solutions with that in mind.  Just get in touch and see if we can help!

What do you think is the most important thing for organisations to focus on in terms of D&I strategy?

It’s hard to pick out just one thing, but I would advise firstly to make sure that you know your organisation and what it looks and feels like for all employees – so you understand the key issues and where to focus your attention.

There may be similarities, but no two organisations are ever exactly the same.  It’s important not to assume that you have the same challenges as others.  You need to take an evidence-based approach, and then you can write a D&I strategy which reflects your priorities.

That analysis and understanding is particularly important when you’re considering learning and training needs, where you have to be clear about the objectives and outcomes that you want to see – which is where we can help you design a course or activity that is relevant and impactful.

Why should organisations chose Marshalls Diversity Consultancy?

Marshalls is already a leading diversity eLearning company with an extremely strong track record across all sectors.  We’re now bringing the same high standards and subject expertise to the wider diversity training and consultancy arena through an integrated service.

Personally, I’m reluctant to admit it, but I have 30 years’ experience in the D&I field!  I’ve worked in public, Higher Education and charity sectors and have been a freelancer.  I’ve also worked with and supported some of the UK’s largest employers and brands on D&I, through my role at role at Business in the Community, which is part of Prince Charles’ Responsible Business Network.

I do encourage you to have a no-obligation chat with us if you’re looking for a provider who will take a practical approach to diversity learning, and support you with a bespoke solution.

For more information on the diversity consultancy click here, or contact us today for a chat.


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