Diversity and Inclusion Elearning Courses

18th July 2023

Diversity and inclusion have been at the heart of our business since we launched our first course on diversity in the workplace in 2002. Marshall Elearning was founded as a specialist in diversity and inclusion in elearning.

Today, our module portfolio consists of over 200 elearning courses, providing in-depth training on everything from disability awareness and micro behaviours to inclusive leadership and Allyship.

With diversity and inclusion regulations changing all the time, our distinctive approach to updating and tailoring content means that together we can make a genuine impact in your workplace.

Experts at the centre of elearning

Our comprehensive course library consulting services are produced in collaboration with an experienced in-house team of

  • diversity and inclusion experts
  • developers
  • illustrators
  • graphic designers
  • content writers.

Diverse learning options

Partnering with world-class organisations and subject matter experts, Marshall e-Learning is the leading provider of diversity, inclusion, and unconscious bias online training and courses.

We now have a library of over 200 courses that can be:

  • studied individually
  • tailored for your organisation
  • taken as a subscription service
  • provided as microlearning units

Watch our video to find out more about diversity and inclusion elearning courses

New presenter-led titles

With our new diversity and inclusion microlearning suite, the delivery of content can be drip-fed to employees to embed learning and create an organisational culture where engagement with and constructive conversations around equality, inclusion, and belonging are the norm.

Marshall Unlimited

If you’re looking for a flexible and cost-effective elearning option, Marshall Unlimited is an e-learning subscription service that offers a wealth of knowledge to the corporate, higher education, and public sectors. With a single, affordable annual subscription, new courses are added all the time.

Diversity and inclusion support for organisations

This year, we have expanded our support to organisations. Clients benefit from a range of support services. This includes:

  • diversity audits to identify areas where your business is succeeding, and where there is room for improvement,
  • online or in-person workshops and webinars
  • train the trainer’s support
  • guidance and advice on best practice diversity and inclusion.

Part of the Ciphr group

In April 2023, Marshall e-Learning joined the Ciphr Group. This has enabled Marshalls to scale up its product offering. With Ciphr’s resources and a shared vision for continued growth, Marshall e-Learning is able to create more content and resources for clients.

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