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Is unconscious bias really affecting women in STEM?

29th June 2015

The contentious comments made by Tim Hunt about working with women in the lab has sparked fierce debate amongst journalists, academics – and even Boris Johnson. In a speech delivered at a lunch for female journalists and scientists, entitled “Creative Science – Only a Game?”, he made the unfortunate comment: “Let me tell you about my trouble…

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elearning courses design

How to design engaging elearning courses

25th June 2015

Tamar Elderton-Welch, Marshall’s Head of E-Learning, looks at how we create engaging eLearning experiences. As is often the case, business needs and timescales for deployment outweigh considerations of enjoyment and entertainment. Sadly, this is a short-sighted approach and will ultimately impact your ROI, for as we all know, we are better able to retain information if it is relevant,…

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diversity video

Diversity Video: How a diverse workforce benefits your business

24th June 2015

A diverse workforce offers numerous benefits to businesses in the UK and beyond. Our new diversity video shows how businesses, by committing to building a culture of diversity where employees are making the most out their skills and experiences – i.e. their differences – will almost invariably find that productivity, morale and indeed success can be…

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Diversity and Inclusion Elearning Course

Marshall E-Learning launches UK’s first anti-radicalisation course for Colleges and Universities

19th June 2015

Marshall E-learning has launched a new course in response to recent legislative changes related to the UK Government’s £40 million national counter-terrorism strategy called CONTEST, of which the Prevent strategy is a part. Guildford College is the UK’s first Further Education College to roll out the new “Inclusive, Cohesive & Safe Campuses and Colleges” course to tackle the issue of…

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Collecting Equality Data E-Learning Course

Robust equality data collection is intrinsic to effective management

16th June 2015

Equality & Diversity Consultant Vernal Scott looks at how Robust equality data collection is intrinsic to effective management. Data collection and analysis should be integral to any medium to large organisation involving people as current or potential employees, service users and customers – your people. Knowing the profile and satisfaction levels of your people through…

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Confronting Diversity in Tech Leaders

Confronting a lack of diversity is not just for tech leaders

10th June 2015

The Marshall ACM team watched this video oftech leaders confronting the lack of diversity at their companies with interest. From the article on Recode: “Most of the tech industry leaders who showed up at the Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes this week were confronted with one of the most important issues facing Silicon Valley today: How…

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Why the case for equality and inclusion is clear, but changes are only incremental

4th June 2015

Ireland’s recent referendum on same-sex marriage was powerful evidence that time is an integral component in our journey towards greater equality and dignity for all. Only 20 years ago, we would never have imagined the reality of what was achieved at the weekend. Despite progress, however, there can sometimes be pockets of fear, ignorance, and…

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Marshalls elearning course: Safe Campuses and College

Inclusive, Cohesive & Safe Campuses and Colleges: A New Marshall Elearning Course

24th May 2015

Marshall have recently developed a new course called “Inclusive, Cohesive & Safe Campuses and Colleges” in response to recent changes formulated by the UK Government’s counter-terrorism strategy known as Prevent. One of the requirements of this new legislation is that all Public Sector organisations must take responsibility to ensure they are compliant with the new laws – particularly those…

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Delivering Diversity Training in Australia: An interview with Jude-Martin Etuka

20th May 2015

Marshall’s has recently delivered a diversity training course in Australia, so we caught up with Jude-Martin Etuka, Marshall’s lead consultant in Australia, to find out how Marshall’s courses are going down, down under. Jude-Martin is a Management Consultant with 10 years progressive experience working in the Human Resource Management and Organisational Development (OD) functions in the private, public and…

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Collecting Equality Data E-learning Course

Collecting Equality Data: 5 things you need to know

14th May 2015

The importance of collecting and analysing equality data cannot be underestimated – for both organisations, and employees. Many organisations need to identify and transform equality data into robust information and meaningful evidence, often crucial for building a business case to support change. What do I need to know about collecting equality data? There are several…

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Unconscious Bias and Leadership: Did our biases affect the results of the General Election?

12th May 2015

Unconscious Bias affects every area of our lives, including which political leaders we vote for. With the UK General Election fresh on our minds, we ask whether our unconscious biases affected the results of the General Election? Let’s start off by explaining Unconscious Biasitself. Everyone likes to think he or she is open-minded and objective, but research…

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Agile Working: is it right for your organisation?

5th May 2015

Agile Working is about bringing people, processes, connectivity and technology together, allowing for agile working patterns and office space. With the technology available to modern businesses, there are numerous tools to help us work in new and different ways, to meet customer needs, reduce costs, increase productivity and improve sustainability. The business context that has made…

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Is online learning out of favour for Learning and Development?

28th April 2015

We read with interest in HR Magazine that “pure online learning is the least preferred learning and development method among executives”, according to a report by Henley Business School. The annual Corporate Learning Priorities Survey, which researched 368 executives from 39 countries, found only 6% of executive and senior management and 7% of middle management preferred…

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Mental health and resilience in the workplace

Mental Health and Resilience in the Workplace

24th April 2015

Mental health and resilience in the workplace, for many years a taboo subject avoided or at least rarely discussed openly, has become an increasingly important subject in recent years.  Studies show that 1 in 4 people suffer from  mental health difficulties. The true figures might be much higher and can often go undetected, until a serious problem…

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Unconscious Bias: An introduction with Dan Robertson

21st April 2015

Marshall ACM caught up with Dan Robertson to find out more about Unconscious Bias, how it affects decisions in the workplace and why it’s an essential area that businesses need to recognise in order to compete in the modern global economy. What is Unconscious Bias? Historically, social scientists used to think that certain people would…

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Marshall ACM heads to the Staff Development Forum April 2015 Conference

20th April 2015

The Marshall ACM team are excited to be a main sponsor of the Staff Development Forum April 2015 Conference, taking place in Edinburgh on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th April 2015. The theme of the conference is “Exploring 21st Century Organisational Culture: inclusivity, agility and innovation”, looking at how organisations can ensure their internal culture…

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Mental Health and Resilience in the Workplace

8th April 2015

Mental health and resilience in the workplace, for many years a taboo subject avoided or at least rarely discussed openly, has become an increasingly important subject in recent years.  Studies show that 1 in 4 people suffer from  mental health difficulties. The true figures might be much higher and can often go undetected, until a serious…

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Part Two: Unconscious Bias podcast

31st March 2015

Part two Welcome to concluding part of last week’s podcast about Unconscious Bias, featuring Principle Consultant Vernal Scott and Client Relationships Manager Australia, Jude Martin Atuka. In this section, Vernal and Jude continue their discussion about real life examples of unconscious bias and how recognising our own unconscious bias can help to improve decision making and help…

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Transcript of ‘Talking Unconscious Bias’ Podcast No 1.

26th March 2015

Here at Marshall ACM, we like to discuss issues surrounding unconscious bias, equality and diversity so we thought it was time we shared these discussions with you.   This week we have a two part transcript on one of these discussions between Vernal Scott (Principle Consultant) and Jude Martin (Client Relationship Manager). To listen to…

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Agile Working: how SMEs can compete for talent in a corporate world

19th March 2015

Skills shortages are a real worry for UK businesses, with the Department for Work and Pensions saying that 20 per cent of vacancies are remaining unfilled, it shows a real cause for concern when employers can’t recruit anyone with the right skill set. For SMEs, this is particularly harmful. According to research conducted by private…

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Durham University

17th March 2015

“I have worked with David for a number of years with regards to customising e-learning packages for use within my organisation. He is a pleasure to work with. David is very customer focussed and he quickly understood our needs. He was able to offer very sound advice and he ensured that the products delivered what…

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New client wins for Marshall ACM, including Edinburgh Zoo, Cardiff Metropolitan University and City & Hackney Mind

16th March 2015

  A busy start to the new year has seen Marshall ACM start working on projects for a number of high profile and prestigious clients. We’re excited to be working with them all on a range of varied programmes, from producing an online performance management system through to developing materials around resilience and mental health…

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How to measure Return On Investment (ROI) from elearning programmes

4th March 2015

If you’re running an elearning course for your organisation, it’s important to understand the value that your organisation and its staff are getting from that programme. Reviewing or evaluating the learning and development you and your workers undertake allows you to work towards improving it in the future. You can also track the progress of…

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enei – the Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion

27th February 2015

“A real champion of the sector, David’s continued dedication to excellence in Diversity & Equality clearly shows through when speaking to people who have taken one of his training courses. His reputation continues to grow in the sector as more and more companies and leaders hear about his work. It’s been a pleasure when I’ve…

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