Marshall Elearning 2023 Showcase

28th February 2023

Supercharge Your Team’s Skills for 2023 with Marshall’s Cutting-Edge Training Resources

Marshall Elearning is excited to announce their brand new range of courses and training materials for 2023. These resources cover a wide variety of topics, including Climate Change, Diversity, Health and Safety, and Management Training. No matter your organization’s needs, there is sure to be something that will benefit your training portfolio.

To cater to different learning styles, Marshall’s offers a variety of course formats, from 10-minute micro-courses to video-based content and traditional eLearning courses. Among the must-have courses for this year is their suite of video-based micro-courses, The Manager’s Toolkit. These courses consist of easy-to-digest videos covering commonly requested training topics for first-time managers, such as Absence Management, Time Keeping, Appraisals, Communication, Equality, and Recruitment and Selection, to name a few.

Another essential course for 2023 is Mental Health at Work. Developed in collaboration with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Richard Smith, this course provides practical insights and guidance to mitigate the effects of the most common examples of stress in the workplace. These tips can be applied when employees need them most, whether in the work environment or working from home.

Finally, Sustainability at Work and Climate Change is another standout resource for organizations. This course presents a variety of tips and strategies, detailing the scale of the challenge facing the globe and ways in which individuals can minimize their carbon footprint at work for a greener, more sustainable future.


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