Inclusive Managers Toolkit

New Inclusive Managers Toolkit promises to improve management development around diversity and inclusion

24th January 2018

Developed in partnership with VERCIDA Consulting, Marshall E-Learning, have launched a new’?Inclusive Managers Toolkit. Aimed at middle managers across public and private sector organisations, this inclusion themed toolkit is designed to build managers’?skills and confidence. The Toolkit is built around the key concepts of Inclusive Management, containing 12 modules grouped into three key areas: technical…

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Workplace Bullying

New diversity and inclusion video series looks at key sector issues

15th January 2018

As’?diversity and inclusion elearning‘?experts, Marshall are excited to present a new video series focussed on diversity and inclusion scenarios. Here is the first in the series, looking at’?Workplace Bullying. Workplace Bullying is a??severe social stressor’?? and can have an effect on the victim’??s metabolism, appetite and weight in ways that make diabetes more likely. Understanding…

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Inclusive Managers Toolkit

Inclusive Managers’ Toolkit now available from Marshall E-Learning

29th November 2017

Marshall E-Learning is delighted to launch our new Inclusive Managers’ Toolkit, developed in partnership with Vercida Consulting. The Inclusive Managers’ Toolkit is aimed at middle managers across public and private sector organisation and designed to build managers’ skills and confidence. The toolkit will be launching at two equality and diversity events taking place in November:’ Staff Developers’ Conference…

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University of Edinburgh Unconscious Bias

University of Edinburgh launch unconscious bias course tailored for students

23rd November 2017

The University of Edinburgh‘?has become the first university to launch an unconscious bias course’?tailored for the student context. The course, designed to be taken on mobile devices, will help students to be fair-minded and critique without bias when evaluating staff and services. The University of Edinburgh’??s 37,000 students will complete the course to help them…

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Workplace Bullying - What is it and how to spot it

Workplace Bullying: What is it and how to spot it?

20th November 2017

Bullying in the Workplace‘?has hit the news recently as a new study published in medical journal’?Diabetologia‘?shows that workplace bullying increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes in victims by up to 46%. The study, led by researchers at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, found that around 9% of participants in the study reported…

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Unconscious Bias in Higher Education – a new guide from Marshall E-Learning

14th November 2017

An introduction to how biases affect student life and campuses In this guide, you’??ll find everything you need to understand what Unconscious Bias is, how it affects students and campuses, and strategies and tactics for preparing your workforce for managing bias in higher education. Many consider Unconscious Bias to be a new brand for diversity…

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Why is sexual harassment still a major issue in the workplace?

Why is sexual harassment still a major issue in the workplace?

6th November 2017

Michael Howard, Chartered FCIPD and lead consultant at Marshalls, looks at why sexual harassment and bullying still a major issue in workplaces across the world. The headlines around recent cases of sexual harassment in the workplace have been prevalent and continue to be so. According to’?The Guardian, more than 50 women have made allegations against…

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GDPR Training Course - Are you GDPR ready?

GDPR Training Course: Are you GDPR ready?

17th October 2017

GDPR is the biggest change to data protection regulations in two decades and is a major challenge for many businesses. The new regulations introduce a much greater territorial reach in terms of liable businesses and harsher fines for non-compliance, so’?GDPR training is essential. Despite the added risk, 54% of organisations have not started preparing for…

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Does diversity work

The trouble with the ‘diversity doesn’t work’ argument

9th October 2017

Several articles in the media have recently called into question the value and science behind Diversity Training and its impact. As a leading diversity training provider in the UK and beyond, we wanted to examine these arguments and prove that Diversity Training is beneficial for all who take part in it?? both the individuals and…

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Student Safety Wristbands

Do student safety wristbands help or hinder students to keep safe?

20th September 2017

Can students be trusted to be alcohol aware and consume alcohol safely? Campus Living Villages, who run student accommodation across the UK, are’?giving out student safey wristbands containing student’??s address and emergency contact details‘?to help them get home safely at the end of a night out. 13,000 first-year students?? including undergraduates from the Universities of…

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Online Diversity Training Provider

Why Marshall E-Learning is the leading provider of online diversity training

19th September 2017

In this new video from Marshall E-Learning, diversity and equality consultants David Marshall and Tamar Elderton-Welch look at why people commission Marshall E-Learning for their online diversity training and how we’ve become the leading provider of diversity e-learning. From David Marshall‘s background in HR consultancy, we saw back in 2002 that there was a need…

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Student Induction Training for universities

Student Induction Training: Does your university need it?

14th September 2017

As the new academic year approaches, universities are busy preparing for their new student intake to welcome them to the exciting world of higher education. Part of this is providing students with awareness across a range of topics and issues. Universities have become more cognisant of the need to be proactive in providing resources to…

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student induction training

Student Induction Training on the rise as UK Higher Education institutions prepare for new academic year

4th September 2017

Marshall E-Learning, the Equality & Diversity specialist e-learning consultancy, have seen an increase in the number of UK Higher Education institutions commissioning their Online Student Induction Programme, as organisations prepare for the new academic year. Carol Clutton from the University of Surrey, Student Support Services, has just rolled out their Surrey Student Induction e-learning module…

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Diversity Without Inclusion Isn’t Diversity

11th August 2017

The now ex-Google Employee’s ‘Anti-Diversity Manifesto‘ that recently was leaked to the wider world has had the diversity community in hot debate. The anti-diversity document, which is the personal opinion of one senior software engineer, James Damore, was shared on a company mailing list and set out a number of points questioning Google’??s approach and…

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Inclusive Management

Inclusive Management: how to implement an inclusive culture

24th July 2017

Inclusive Management highlights the fact that many of the decisions we make when managing people are influenced by our unconscious biases. The scope of those biases extends well beyond the more commonly highlighted management issues, such as gender and race, and include the profession, background or style of communication of both the manager and those…

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Anti Money Laundering Training

Anti Money Laundering Training: Ensure your organisation is compliant

30th June 2017

Ensuring your organisation is compliant with current regulations is critical for any organisation and not just businesses. This includes universities, the NHS, local authorities and many other public and private sector organisations. That’??s why we’??ve revamped our’?anti money laundering course‘?to appeal to a wider range of sectors. The training has been commissioned by a variety…

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Understanding Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

Understanding Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

16th June 2017

In the UK companies are subject to a legal framework that requires their compliance and holds them to account for their actions, policies and procedures. There are numerous methods that help to eliminate discrimination embedded in many workplace policies and processes. Whilst policies and procedures support the creation of a more equitable workplace, it’??s the…

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Unconscious Bias Videos

Unconscious Bias Videos: A new animated series from Marshall E-Learning

31st May 2017

Marshall E-Learning has launched a new series of short videos on Unconscious Bias which shine a light on how it deeply impacts our daily working lives and the decisions we make. From a training perspective, managers and employees should be be aware that letting Unconscious Bias go unchecked could both lead to increasing covert or…

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What makes a great Learning Management System

What makes a great Learning Management System? The UK’??s best LMS in 2017

23rd May 2017

Choosing a Learning Management System can be a difficult process. There are such a wide variety of providers on offer, each with their own benefits and features. What might seem a good option at first can quickly turn sour once you look beyond the flashy marketing website and dig down into the features your team…

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Free Learning Management System Workshop at CIPD L&D Show

Free Learning Management System Workshop at CIPD L&D Show

5th May 2017

Marshall E-Learning, the Equality & Diversity e-learning specialists, is to run a free workshop at the upcoming CIPD Learning and Development Show. The e-learning experts will be providing an introduction for how L&D employers and employees can choose the best e-learning system for their organisations. The non-technical LMS workshop will introduce the Marshall LMS and…

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Joe Reddington Marshall E-Learning

Marshall E-Learning bolsters bespoke e-learning and games divisions with hire of seasoned expert Joe Reddington

26th April 2017

Marshall E-Learning, today announces the appointment of Joe Reddington, a talented and established expert in the industry with a high level of experience of building innovative bespoke e-learning solutions for organisations such as Google, PwC and Tata Steel. Joe is here to head up and develop Marshalls’ bespoke e-learning division and learning games unit with…

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British universities must play their part in preventing racist attacks

British universities must play their part in preventing racist attacks

28th March 2017

Since the UK’??s EU referendum vote in 2016, the number of hate crimes has risen dramatically, including attacks based on disability, racial, religious and homophobic motives. The number of victims of religious and racist hate crime alone has risen almost 20 per cent in the last year, and the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)…

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Unconscious Bias and Higher Education

Unconscious Bias and Higher Education: How training staff creates more open, inclusive and effective organisations

22nd March 2017

Unconscious gender and racial biases still pervade academia and unconscious bias remains a big challenge in the higher education sector. As far back as 2004, it’??s been an issue. Professor Steven Schwartz stated in his landmark report Fair Admissions to Higher Education: ‘??a fair admissions system is one that provides equal opportunity for all individuals,…

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Unconscious Bias training increases equality and diversity conversation at Brunel University

Unconscious Bias training increases equality and diversity conversation at Brunel University

21st March 2017

Brunel University is one of the world’??s top 50 international universities (Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016), and their vibrant campus is a reflection of an international student body from 110 countries around the world. Given this diverse environment, it is important to Brunel to work with their staff and deliver training courses on…

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