performance management case study

Performance Management Case Study: The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland and PABLO

21st March 2016

Image copyright: RZSS   The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS), owners of RZSS Edinburgh Zoo and RZSS Highland Wildlife Park, recently commissioned Marshall’s to produce an online performance management system.   Known as PABLO, the new bespoke system will automate the performance management process at RZSS, although it has been purposefully designed to be…

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Marshall E-Learning User Group

Marshall E-Learning User Group

8th March 2016

One thing I’ve always made sure we keep central to everything we do at Marshall E-Learning is to be responsive to the needs of our clients. They are the ones working at the front line of their sector, so they need access to the latest thinking – whether that’s in higher education, law, finance or…

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Diversity in the workplace

David Marshall On How Partnership Working Builds Successful E-Learning Programmes

15th February 2016

In our latest video on e-learning, diversity and equality consultant David Marshall looks at why working with partners has helped Marshall E-Learning clients build successful e-learning programmes.   Many people ask us where the content for our e-learning courses come from and one of the areas we’re most proud of with our work at Marshall E-Learning,…

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Tamar Elderton Welch Diversity Equality Consultant

Why Marshall E-Learning is a leading provider of diversity online training

8th February 2016

In this new video from Marshall E-Learning, diversity and equality consultants David Marshall and Tamar Elderton-Welch look at why people commission Marshall E-Learning for their online equality & diversity training and how we’ve become the leading provider of diversity e-learning. From David Marshall‘s background in HR consultancy, we saw back in 2002 that there was a need for all…

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Prevent Duty Training Online

Explaining The Issues Surrounding Prevent Duty Training

3rd February 2016

In this new video from Marshall E-Learning, diversity and equality consultant Michael Howard explains more about the Prevent Duty and why it is important for your organisation to undertake training in the area to help prevent extremism.     Prevent Duty training is about all forms of extremism that could lead to terrorist actions. It’s…

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e-learning guide cover

New Guide to E-Learning in 2016 from Marshall E-Learning Consultancy

11th January 2016

Following the success of our Unconscious Bias whitepaper, Marshall E-Learning are proud to present our follow up resource – a guide to e-learning in 2016.   In this e-learning guide, you’ll find everything you need to understand current best practice, how e-learning can be used to improve the performance of staff with your organisation, and…

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A conversation about our Prevent Duty Training for Students

22nd December 2015

We’re currently developing a Prevent Duty training course for students after several conversations with people working in the education sector and interviewed Michael Howard, Equality & Diversity Consultant, about the genesis of the training module. “Some of the institutions we spoke to about the course wanted a resource to help develop work they’re already doing…

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Collecting Equality Data E-Learning Course

6 key pieces of advice from lawyers for schools and colleges to comply with Prevent Duty

9th December 2015

From 1 July 2015, all schools and  FE colleges in England, Wales and Scotland have a statutory duty, through the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015, to prevent people being drawn into terrorism and challenge extremist ideas. This is known as the Prevent Duty. Training for frontline staff on the Prevent Duty is a requirement…

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Shakespeare Martineau and Marshall E-Learning Consultancy

Marshall’s partner with law firm Shakespeare Martineau

8th December 2015

At Marshall E-LEarning, we’re always looking for ways to strengthen the knowledge and relevance of the content in our training courses so that it meets the ever evolving needs of our clients. This is particularly important for training courses where the content is in flux, either due to new legislation or a rapidly changing environment…

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Performance Management Training

Performance Management Enters The Spotlight With New Course From Marshall E-Learning

1st December 2015

Promoting staff and organisational growth and development remain key to the success of businesses and organisations worldwide. Now a new course from Marshall E-Learning Consultancy is aiming to unlock gains in employee productivity and enhanced performance that modern, forward-thinking employers are looking for. Originally developed with La Trobe University in Melbourne, the Performance Management course explores ways…

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Unconscious Bias Training

New Video: How Does Unconscious Bias Affect Your Business?

18th November 2015

In our new Unconscious Bias video Dan Robertson, Diversity & Inclusion Director at enei, explores the nature of unconscious bias at work. Watch the whole interview with Dan Robertson now.   Psychologists refer to unconscious biases as our unintentional people preferences that result from the processes of socialisation and social categorisation. Research has demonstrated that when…

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Unconscious Bias Whitepaper

New Whitepaper: Unconscious Bias – How Our Biases Affect Our Lives and Work

4th November 2015

  In our new Unconscious Bias whitepaper guide, you’ll find everything you need to understand what Unconscious Bias is, how it affects you and your employees, and strategies and tactics for overcoming your biases in the workplace.   Many consider Unconscious Bias to be a new brand for diversity training, but it is much more…

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Unconscious Bias and Business Impact

Unconscious Bias and Business Impact: an interview with enei’s Dan Robertson

26th October 2015

This is a guest article from Dan Robertson, Diversity & Inclusion Director at the Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion. In this article, Dan looks at how to tackle Unconscious Bias, moving us from theory to action. The nature of human bias Psychologists refer to Unconscious Biases as our unintentional people preferences that result from the processes of…

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unconscious bias training video

“Focus on their talent and ability. What can they offer your company?”

5th October 2015

Ready to book your Unconscious Bias Training? Click to skip to the booking form. This video gives insight into what real unconscious bias training involves. Many consider unconscious bias to be a new brand for diversity training. Here Marshall E-Learning consultant Vernal Scott explains what real unconscious bias consultancy involves and how you can think…

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Prevent Duty Training

Prevent Duty: New Video Helps Public Sector Organisations Prepare

28th September 2015

Michael Howard explains the PREVENT duty and its implications for schools colleges and universities – and how Marshall E-learning were asked to help institutions via e-learning.     In case you weren’t aware, the UK Government’s PREVENT duty is now a legal requirement for all further and higher education organisations in the UK. Our new…

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Increase Elearning ROI

Increase Your E-Learning ROI to 90% Using The 70:20:10 Model of Learning

2nd September 2015

According to Morgon Mcall’s 70:20:10 model of learning, 70% of our learning is carried out most efficiently from ‘on the job’ training, 20% from a mentor and 10% from study. Many HR personnel reading this would therefore assume that their training budgets would be best spent on the floor training or shadowing a more experienced…

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Diversity and equality changes

How diversity and inclusion training has changed for the better

26th August 2015

In 2002, I launched the first Marshall E-Learning diversity and inclusion training course. I used to spend a lot of time explaining what diversity training was. Back then, the first bullet point on my website said: “This e-learning module has been designed for companies who are concerned about avoiding the negative publicity and high costs created…

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Marshall E-learning's new offices

New Name, New Website, New Offices: Welcome to the new Marshall E-Learning

24th August 2015

You may have noticed that things have changed a little around here… Firstly, we have a new name. It was in 2002 – 13 years ago – that I opened the doors to Marshall ACM and launched our first e-learning course. The ACM stood for “Active Career Management”, which was when I was still a…

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Unconscious Bias Training

Unconscious Bias: Facebook and Google help employees recognise and tackle their bias

12th August 2015

Marshall E-Learning have been running training courses on Unconscious Bias (a term to describe those prejudices and misconceptions that we have of which we are not in conscious control) for several years, but it’s good to see that some of the leading tech giants of Silicon Valley are realising the same. Just last week,Facebook announced…

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unconscious bias tool

New Unconscious Bias tool helps businesses combat bias in the workplace

11th August 2015

  Marshall E-Learning, the Equality & Diversity specialist consultancy, have launched a free tool to help businesses and their employees to better understand Unconscious Bias in the workplace. The tool is available to trial at Developed in partnership with the Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (enei), the free tool enables managers to ask staff…

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Monitoring Sexual Orientation Religion and Beliefsst

Monitoring Sexual Orientation, Religion and Beliefs: A Marshall E-Learning Podcast

30th July 2015

  Four years ago, Marshall E-Learning’s principal consultants Ann Allcock and Vernal Scott recorded a podcast called “Monitoring Sexual Orientation, Religion and Beliefs”. In the podcast, they discussed the issues surrounding the monitoring of the characteristics such as sexual orientation and religion or belief – issues that still pose a challenge for a wide range…

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david cameron tackling islamist extremism

The public sector needs to respond to Cameron’s strategy to tackle extremism

23rd July 2015

Michael Howard, Managing Partner and Principal Consultant at ARGUO, looks at how public sector organisations can meet their obligations as part of the Prevent Duty. On 20 July, David Cameron unveiled the government’s strategy to tackle Islamist extremism, stressing it was not an attack on Islam, the religion. One of the key themes in his speech was…

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university of london induction course

7 ways to use e-learning to effectively onboard new staff

21st July 2015

Marshall E-Learning has recently created online induction projects for the likes of the University of Hull, Harper Adams University and Kimberley Institute (Australia). But how can you use e-learning to effectively onboard staff? We thought it would be useful to share our lessons learned for these recent staff onboarding projects, which might help you onboard…

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Prevent Training Online

Prevent Training: How to run courses that meet legislation

8th July 2015

Universities and colleges play an important role in sustaining an open, fair and equitable society. In support of this they can offer opportunities to support learners understand the risks and dangers associated with extremism and help develop the knowledge and skills to be able to challenge extremism and radicalisation. Although it is vital that universities…

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