International Women’s Day 2023

8th March 2023

On this wintery morning of 8th March, I was greeted by another mum on the school run with a “happy International Women’s Day”. Being reminded of this day of caused me to reflect on what this means to me and other women in 2023 in the UK, and whether it still has as much relevancy today as it did in 1977.

While much progress has been made towards gender equality, women globally still face significant challenges, including discrimination, gender-based violence, and lack of access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities. Even going back as recently as the Covid-19 pandemic, it was women who were disproportionately affected, who had to take on increased caregiving responsibilities, deal with job losses, and face heightened risks of violence and harassment.

So for many women, International Women’s Day is a source of inspiration and motivation to continue working towards their goals and aspirations – a chance to reflect on the progress that has been made and the work that still needs to be done. It is a reminder that our voices matter and that our contributions to society are important. It’s also an opportunity for women to network and connect with each other. Through events, workshops, and other activities, women can share their experiences and insights, learn from each other, and build stronger relationships.

Overall, International Women’s Day means different things to different women, but it is a day that unites women around the world in their shared experiences and their commitment to creating a more just and equal world for all.

One important way to support women’s empowerment and gender equality is by supporting women-led businesses and initiatives. By investing in women entrepreneurs and supporting women-led organisations, we can help to break down the barriers that women face in the workplace and in society as a whole. At Marshall’s, we are proud to do our bit to support and champion gender equality awareness in the workplace. Ask us for more information or even a demo of some of our corporate courses on EDI, Menopause, Breaking the Glass Ceiling (Inspiring Women in Leadership) and more.


Article by Tamar Elderton-Welch, Head of E-Learning at Marshall E-Learning Consultancy
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