Marshalls launches new Antisemitism and Islamophobia eLearning courses

21st April 2024

Article written by Meg Shona Halpin-Webster, Graduate eLearning Content Writer at Marshall E-Learning Consultancy, a Ciphr company

Marshall E-Learning has recently launched two modules on the subjects of Antisemitism and Islamophobia in response to the increasing prevalence of these issues and due to overwhelming demand.

Since the start of the Israel-Hamas war at the end of 2023, incidents of antisemitism and islamophobia have exploded across the UK. Data collected by Community Security Trust (CST) found that over 1,000 incidents of antisemitism took place in the UK between October and November 2023. Similarly, reports by Tell MAMA indicate ‘an upward trend in discrimination cases [of islamophobia] – in workplaces, within education, the misuse of safeguarding and Prevent policies, to engagements with law enforcement’.

Why did we create these modules?

The increase in violence and discrimination led to the development of these two resources with the intention of equipping learners with a greater understanding of the issues of antisemitism and islamophobia across the UK.

These two modules have already been commissioned by clients, with demand being generated by corporate organisations wanting to make sure that employees are informed and able to behave appropriately and respectfully. Clients in the education sector were equally passionate about these topics as many universities seek to improve student relations.

Both modules were carefully researched by our head of diversity, Ann Allcock. She says:

“While Antisemitism and Islamophobia have long been a reality and of concern in the UK, the developing situation in the Middle East has drawn these prejudices into sharp focus. Employers are seeking to ensure that all staff are appropriately supported and that a workplace culture of respect and understanding prevails.  Our two new modules offer informative and practical content, educating around myths, stereotypes, tropes and assumptions relating to Muslim and Jewish communities. They guide learners on how to speak about the current conflict without straying into Islamophobia or Antisemitism.”

Antisemitism eLearning module

This module defines Antisemitism and highlights the types of behaviour and beliefs that constitute Antisemitism. Learners are provided with an insight into the Jewish community in the UK as well as an overview of Jewish history in Britain and the Antisemitism that the community has faced over time.

Our Antisemitism module offers learners guidance on how to communicate on difficult topics. For example, it outlines the key Antisemitic tropes that arise during discussions of the Israel-Palestine conflict. It also guides learners on how to articulate their opinions about Israel and Zionism that are free from Antisemitism. By the end of this module, learners will be more confident in how they can challenge Antisemitism and support the Jewish community.

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Islamophobia Module

This module acknowledges the differing definitions of Islamophobia and explores the negative perceptions and common misconceptions associated with Islam and Muslims more generally. Learners are equipped with a foundational knowledge of the UK Muslim community and of Islam.

Our module explores the many different forms of Islamophobia and the potential impacts on members of the Muslim community. By the end of this module, learners will have a greater understanding of Islamophobia and its negativity. They will be able to explain positive approaches that can be taken to challenge islamophobia and support the Muslim community.

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How Marshalls can help your organisation

As diversity and inclusion specialists, Marshalls are determined to aid organisations, and wider society, to become more inclusive. These two resources were designed to encourage positive change and to challenge stigma, discrimination and negative assumptions being made about these important communities within the UK, and the world.

To find out more about our Antisemitism and Islamophobia modules, or to access a 14-day free trial, please contact us.

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