Marshalls Neurodiversity Webinar

21st March 2023

This week Marshalls hosted a webinar on Neurodiversity, which was open to all staff at our client organisations, and across our wider networks.

We were delighted to invite presenter, producer and British Dyslexia Association Ambassador, Lauren Duffy to lead the session.

Lauren has dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia herself. She shared her story – her experience of interacting with education and the workplace, and how her neurodivergence has been received. She talked about masking and coping mechanisms, discrimination, assessment, and diagnosis. She also offered practical advice on supporting neurodivergent colleagues, and prompted everyone present to reflect on what true acceptance and understanding of neurodiversity means and looks like.

If you missed this great webinar and would like to watch it now, you can see the recording here:



At Marshalls we have two Neurodiversity elearning courses in our e-learning portfolio. One is part of our Diversity Video range (and presented by Lauren), and the second is a longer module on Neurodiversity in the Workplace.


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