Translating Diversity and Inclusion Courses

19th February 2018

Marshall E-Learning Consultancy was invited to the Great British Corporate Education Showcase in Prague.

Organised by the British Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic, the event was a chance to showcase our e-learning products and services at the British Embassy in Prague.

This diversity video is a small gesture of thanks after all the hospitality we were shown in Prague.

Translating equality, diversity and inclusion courses

We translate more and more of our equality, diversity and inclusion elearning courses these days, so are happy to add our Czech friends to the growing list of countries that we export our courses to.

As Marshall E-Learning expands, we have found that there is a growing requirement for our courses to be translated, so that the content can be launched to all staff within multi-national organisations that have offices across the globe.

Recent projects that we have completed ready for 2018 include a bespoke Unconscious Bias course for Pictet which has been translated into Japanese and French, and also for Prudential.

Not only did Prudential require us to translate the course into various languages – Thai, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malay they also asked Marshalls to tailor a launch site, so that learners could enter into a single course and then select the relevant language path from within the resource. This aided with simplified tracking procedures within their LMS.

For more information and to bring Marshall’s e-learning expertise to your country, please contact us on 0845 123 3909¬†or email


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