Closing the Gender Pay Gap and GDPR

27th April 2018

There’s lots going on in the Marshall E-Learning, with the Gender Pay Gap and GDPR at the forefront of our minds. Here’s our latest news, covering closing the Gender Pay Gap and GDPR training.

Closing the Gender Pay Gap


Gender pay gap reporting is a hot topic among UK businesses, but many organisations are still falling behind. This is especially important for larger companies, as the deadline recently passed for UK companies with 250 or more employees to report their gender pay differences.

An estimated 1,500 businesses failed to publish their gender pay gaps by the deadline of midnight on 4 April, according to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). That’s despite many companies who were not required to report their figures deciding to publish their gender pay gaps anyway.

So how can UK organisations – both large and small – make sure that their gender pay gap figures are balanced and represent an inclusive workforce?

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Are you prepared for GDPR?

GDPR is the biggest change to data protection regulations in two decades and is a major challenge for many businesses. The new regulations introduce a much greater territorial reach in terms of liable businesses and harsher fines for non-compliance, so GDPR training is essential before it comes into effect on 25 May 2018.

Our GDPR training covers everything you need to know to get up to speed with how your organisation can remain compliant.

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How we scaled our e-learning internationally through translation


With the consistent popularity of our Diversity and Equality courses and our Unconscious Bias training, it was only a matter of time before interest arrived from outside the UK.

At Marshall E-Learning, we have previously provided our Unconscious Bias course to English-speaking overseas customers – such as the Tasmanian Department of Finance and Treasury in Australia.

But now, with continued expansion, we have tackled the challenge of adapting our ever-popular Unconscious Bias offering for a non-english-speaking clientele, so our courses can be launched simultaneously by organisations with offices around the globe.

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That’s all for April, but we’ll be in touch in May as the deadline for GDPR approaches.

As always, please call me on 0845 123 3909 or contact us if there’s anything you want to discuss.

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