New Adaptive Selling Course Helps Sales

15th November 2018

Marshall E-Learning have partnered with multi-award winning mentoring expert David Mellor, to produce a new e-learning course focused on Adaptive Selling, an approach that aims to provide a more consultative approach to sales in an industry that traditionally is full of uncertainty, fear and complexity.

Using the latest theory in both neuroscience and the sales environment, the Adapting Selling training course is designed to help those who are either new to sales, or who find it scary or daunting, to be more comfortable with the activity, thereby winning more new clients and securing more business from existing clients.

This highly interactive course is ideal for those who find sales daunting and want to consider how they can adapt their behaviour to build better relationships with clients and prospects, thus generating more repeat sales and new sales revenue. Using an adaptive selling approach can also better align sales with other departments, and the company as a whole.

David Mellor, who developed the Adaptive Selling course in collaboration with the team at PRISM Brain Mapping, has 25 years experience up to Managing Director level in commercial and investment banking, including overseas postings and non-executive directorships. Working since 2001 with a portfolio of business owners, helping them to increase their profitability, fund their growth plans, and free up their time.

David describes his approach to creating the course:

“To be able to respond better to buyers, organisations have take selling from an art into a science by identifying common sales practices learned from the best salespeople. They harness the data they get from researching their customers closely and combine this with Adaptive Selling principles to help salespeople sell more successfully. This is the crux of what we want salespeople who take our course to learn, with the outcome being more sales closed and more revenue for the business.”

David Marshall, Founder of Marshall E-Learning, feels the skills and experience that David Mellor brings to makes the course stand out from other sales training available:

“David’s depth and breadth of experience, coupled with a deep understanding of the theory and practice of sales both from a corporate perspective and a small business perspective, mean that he has learned what works and doesn’t work. David has a developed knowledge of business and his advice is well placed, as can be seen in the nuanced and sophisticated methods he outlines on the Adaptive Selling course, which will benefit anyone who is new to the sales process or just want to get more confident in their approach to sales.”

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. appreciate how enhanced self-awareness can help people to understand others better and react accordingly
  2. develop attributes associated with good salespeople
  3. turn strangers into cash in the bank by following a defined sales process
  4. adapt behaviour to build better relationships with clients and prospects at each
    stage of the sales process.

The course is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Self-Awareness: enabling people with no neuroscientific background to understand and use some of the latest discoveries in brain science in their personal and business lives.
  2. Sales Process: Looking at the three fundamentals of a successful person and how to take prospects through from initial contact through to closing the sale.
  3. Adaptive Selling: How to blend both the sales process advice with neuroscience, helping you to tailor your approach depending on the behavioural makeup of your prospective buyer.

Participants who have tried the course are praising the course when recounted their main learning points:

“I have a much better insight into my approach and an increased sense of self awareness. I feel I gained skills to ensure I am more adaptable to the needs of the client.”

“It is fascinating to see how adapting your communication can build such powerful strong relationships for the benefit of the selling process. This is selling made easy and in a contemporary way.”

“I’ve learnt to recognise the signals of each personality type and adopted changes in approach to each person. This has changed the way in which I communicate in that I no longer write emails proposals for ‘me’.”

The Adaptive Selling Elearning course is now available from Marshall E-Learning. For more information and a free trial of the course, please go to or call 0845 123 3909.



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