Inspiring Women to Achieve

21st March 2018

This week, Marshall E-Learning will be attending the 11th Global Inclusion Seminar, otherwise known as INCLUSION 18. Taking place in Zurich, Germany, the event features 30 more than International Speakers and over 200 Senior-level International delegates together to discuss the latest thinking around modern equality, diversity and inclusion issues.

For the conference, we have prepared a new product, “Inspiring Women to Achieve”, written by former Head of Diversity at Transport for London, Teresa Norman.

Teresa has been working with Marshall E-Learning for a year to develop a product designed to help women achieve their potential. The course provides self-reflective exercises on:

  1. Setting goals
  2. Understanding your strengths and values
  3. Developing your network
  4. Projecting confidence

Working through this course will help women prepare and be ready for leadership positions. This course takes a coaching perspective on encouraging the individual to push their career forward.

David Marshall, Founder of Marshall E-Learning, explains why we created the course:”

“With the gender pay gap reporting deadline coming up, organisations have to recognise that they need more inclusive recruitment practices to encourage female participation at the highest levels. We hope this course goes some way in helping prepare women at all levels of their careers feel empowered to take up leadership positions.”

Marshalls E-Learning will be showing this alongside their existing elearning courses on Unconscious Bias, which was developed initially with the University of Oxford are now used by over one hundred organisations and has been translated into many languages.

For more information and a free demo of the Inspiring Women to Achieve course, please contact us on 0845 123 3909 or contact us at

Inspiring Women to Achieve – Course Outline

Part 1: Self Discovery

  1. Articulating strength
  2. Identifying values
  3. Preparing for leadership

Part 2: Presence

  1. Building confidence
  2. Developing presence
  3. Negotiation skills

Part 3: Networking

  1. No does it by themselves
  2. Your role models
  3. Don’t presume you’re disadvantaged


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