Recruitment and Selection in HE

10th January 2019

Getting the best employees, with the right skills and abilities, is an essential requirement for universities to meet – and exceed – the expectations of students and stakeholders. Getting it wrong has cost and organisational impact, and may even mean starting from the beginning again.

This makes a strong business case for getting the recruitment process right; first time.

There are resource implications in undertaking recruitment, it costs money and people’s time so it is important to use that time and money in the most effective way. Additionally, Brexit’s withdrawal from the EU could adversely impact on the recruitment pool for universities, making effective recruitment and selection a critical activity.

Higher Education clients have increasingly asked us for e-learning courses that not only meet legal requirements, but also integrate inclusive recruitment to get the best person from the widest possible pool of candidates. We have had a great deal of feedback that universities want their colleagues to be as open as possible to whom the best candidate might be.

As we always listen to our client needs, we have developed a course that has inclusion as a central theme to help meet current and future recruitment requirements. It isn’t enough to simply recruit within the law. Universities are looking to promote equality and diversity to ensure they can identify the best candidates from internal and external applicants.

In Marshall E-Learning’s new Recruitment and Selection in Higher Education course, learners get practical guidance on attracting and recruiting the very best people using the university’s recruitment and selection processes.

This module will provide you with practical guidance on key aspects of how to attract and recruit the very best people using the recruitment and selection processes within the University.

In line with this practical approach, you review a case study based on recruiting a Student Experience Manager, showing the decisions made along the way.

Support for universities to get the recruitment process right

Marshall E-Learning’s new Recruitment and Selection in Higher Education course covers all areas of inclusive recruitment in an approachable and understandable way. The course provides a sound platform that anyone involved in recruitment will find helpful. Using realistic video scenarios helps demonstrate what is required.

HR departments could use the course as part of their management development programmes and as a support resource for tutor-led sessions.

A video case study follows through the course showing learners the decisions made in a simulated Higher Education recruitment exercise illustrating the important milestones and issues including equality and diversity.

In addition a series of ‘vox pop’ video interviews with real University staff focus on key areas: Challenges; Training; Diversity; Best Practice; Panel Selection; Unconscious Bias and Keys to Success.

By the end of this module, learners will be able to:

  1. describe the key elements of the recruitment process
  2. explain the legal context in relation to recruitment and selection
  3. write effective job descriptions, person specifications and job adverts
  4. explain how to set and use selection criteria for shortlisting and choosing the best candidate
  5. use fair and effective interview technique
  6. avoid common pitfalls in the recruitment process
  7. explain how to embed equality and diversity in the recruitment process
  8. explain how to reduce Unconscious Bias in the recruitment process.

This course should take around 30 minutes to complete. Learners can bookmark their progress before exiting the course, and resume from that point.

Find out more and get a free trial of the Inclusive Recruitment and Selection course here or call Marshall E-Learning on 0845 123 3909.


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