Mental Health Awareness Video

Mental health fatigue is a condition triggered by prolonged cognitive activity and it has existed prior to the pandemic. In light of the pandemic, and the extra challenges this brings to the workforce, Marshall Elearning have launched a CPD certified course to raise awareness of mental health fatigue.

A combination of worries about Covid-19, lockdowns, working from home, home schooling, financial and health concerns as well as gyms and leisure services currently closed, it means mental health fatigue is a real issue.

This video clip from our course explores how the ABC Model can be used to examine our experiences.

The ABC Model simplifies the understanding of how thoughts, feelings, and behaviours interrelate by depicting them as a triangle. This model highlights the bi-directional nature of these psychological factors, as our feelings are influenced by our thoughts and behaviours, and vice versa. The ABC Model provides a structured approach for analysing reactions to activating events or triggers by breaking down experiences into three elements: Activating Event, Beliefs, and Consequences. The model uses a set of questions to determine the event, beliefs, and consequences, such as what was the event, what were the beliefs associated with the event, and what were the consequences in terms of emotions and behaviours. By using the ABC Model, individuals can gain a better understanding of the relationships between their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

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